Khaya Dlanga shares sad story of how Uber driver earned R27 a day

Image creidt: Twitter/Khaya Dlanga

Popular author and marketing guru Khaya Dlanga has shared a sad story of how a Durban Uber driver earned just R27 a day for an entire week.

Dlanga shared the story on Twitter on Friday. He said the driver, whom he did not name, made just R3,200 throughout the week.

Of this, he had to pay the car’s owner R3,000, leaving him with just R200. “Which means he made just over R27 a day last week,” Dlanga wrote.

‘Absolutely no money’

Furthermore, the driver was about to ask Dlanga to pay cash instead of using his card because “he absolutely had no money.”

It all started when the driver stopped at a garage to pay R80 for fuel. When Dlanga offered to fill up the tank for him, he gratefully accepted before narrating just how difficult things are for him.

At some point, he parked his car and started asking people for money because he didn’t have enough gas. He had no luck; no one had money to give him.

Khaya Dlanga

Luckily, a client had paid cash on his last trip and that’s how he could pay R80 for fuel. A kind Dlanga sent the driver some extra cash via eWallet.

He also appealed to his followers to help Uber drivers if they are in a position to do so.

“The point I want to drive across is that let’s do what we can if we are able to for these Uber drivers because some of them are going through the most,” he wrote.

Dlanga’s followers react

Some of Dlanga’s Twitter followers praised him for his kindness. Keitumetse Phiri replied, “Bless your heart Khaya; this inspires some of us to also spread kindness wherever we go.”

Others wished to help the driver as well. “Can you DM me his number to eWallet him some cash to help?” replied @Mnorth011.

An Uber driver, Nkosana Mgomezulu, also shared the difficulties they face in his reply.

He wrote, “My brother, Uber partners and Uber drivers don’t make money anymore.

“Banks are taking cars left and right because we are charged high percentage and when you speak out Uber victimises you. The only thing we are doing is to make money for Uber.”

Another user, @matalane, shared how an Uber driver, despite his best efforts, has been unable to pay her for bumping into her car.

I needed to see this. I got bumped by an Uber driver and he offered to pay for the damages.

He’s been unable to pay & keeps promising that once he’s on feet he will reimburse me. It would have been easy for him to block me but he doesn’t. I’m writing it off.

Twitter user @matalane

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