Opinion piece submissions

We welcome opinion pieces on various topical and current issues. All pieces must adhere to the following general guidelines:

  1. Minimum of 400 words and a preferred maximum of 800-900 words. Articles with longer word counts may only be considered in special circumstances.
  2. Well-written with a discernible logical flow and central argument. Articles should generally require minimum editorial/proofreading work.
  3. Articles must not have been published anywhere else on the internet and must be the contributor’s original work.

Current Affairs ZA is unable to offer compensation for published opinion articles. However, contributors get a chance to build a profile as analysts/commentators.

Prospective contributors can send their pieces to contact[at] for consideration.

The editorial team reserves the right not to publish a submission. We will endeavour to inform contributors as much as possible so they are free to submit to other publications.

Letters to the editor

In case you wish to send a less-structured letter to the editor on a current affairs topic, please email it to contact[at] and we may publish it. Please include your name and location (general e.g. city/town, NOT specific address).

SEO content submissions

Do you have a service or product you wish to promote? Submit SEO-optimised content and we’ll publish it for free (for now).

Email your content to contact[at] It should ideally be tailored for search engine traffic (keywords) and may contain backlinks to your website’s relevant landing pages.