Temptation Island South Africa cast: Meet all the 10 single guys

Temptation Island South Africa cast single men
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Part of the Temptation Island South Africa cast comprises 10 single men – and Showmax has released images and a new video introducing them to the world.

“Showmax has lined up a temptation for every taste, from sculpted bodies to chiselled jawlines, award-winning stand-up comedians to professional firefighters and dancers, successful entrepreneurs to stable 9-5ers,” the online streaming platform said in a statement this week.

Temptation Island SA will premiere on 26 August 2021. The reality show follows four couples at a crossroads in their relationship, where they must mutually decide if they are ready to commit to one another for the rest of their lives, or go their separate ways.

The couples will experience an idyllic holiday in Kysna, where they’ll live separately with 20 single men and women. This last taste of the single life is meant to help answer their most difficult questions about their relationship, like, “Are we meant to be?” and “Is there someone better out there for me?”

The four brave women who have agreed to put their love on trial include Estelle Langa, Musa Qubinkomo, Nthabiseng Maphago and Precious Khumalo. The following 10 single men could be their potential “upgrades.”

Temptation Island South Africa cast: The single guys

The 10 single guys in the cast of Temptation Island South Africa are:

1. Brandon ‘Shabangz’ Tshabangu, 23

Originally from Durban but now living in Cape Town, Brandon is all about the “good vibes, good times and good people.” A zone controller by profession, he describes himself in his Instagram (@mr_congenialityy) bio as the life of the party.

“Mr Amapiano Moves” has been single for a year, but he’s ready to get back in the game and intends on using much more than his smile and poetry skills to do that. “My power of seduction? Being as persuasive as the snake that made Eve eat the apple,” says Brandon.

2. Calim ‘Muggz’ Mgagula, 28

You’d never guess this sculpted firefighter, entertainer and dancer from Durban used to be a skinny kid. His journey means he’s passionate about motivating people to be the best version of themselves. Now this chiselled guy is looking for a woman with great legs and an even better personality to share his life.

“How far am I willing to go? I’m going to go all the way,” says Muggz (@muggzcalim on Instagram). “I know what I’m here for and what I’m capable of… I’m a temptation on my own.” 

3. Dainamiaro ‘Dain’ Ogulu, 23

Describing himself in his Instagram bio as an “African prince,” “a sexy chocolate slab” and “a Nigerian lost in SA,” Dain is a Durban-based momma’s boy with a picture-perfect smile. He’s very charming and knows how to talk to the ladies. He admits he loves being chased and isn’t afraid to go all in at the beginning of a relationship.  

“I really do want to find love,” says Dain (@dainogulu on Instagram), who is a model and commercials actor. “If I do find love on this show, I’ll be more than happy, because outside on the streets it’s been tough.”

4. Jerry ‘J-Moscow’ Sereme, 26

Get ready to party with this Vaal-based sound engineer and DJ who performs as J-Moscow. His cool, calm demeanour makes him a great listener and he’ll be the perfect man to help the ladies on Temptation Island South Africa talk through their problems. Jerry is looking for an intelligent woman to share romance with. 

“My power of seduction is that there’s only one me; there’s none before and there’ll be none after me,” says Jerry (@j_moscow on Instagram). 

5. Kwanele ‘Finch’ Thusi, 29

A softly spoken gentleman who’s tired of playing the field, Kwanele is ready to settle down with a woman who complements his busy lifestyle. He’s a reformed player who regrets not being serious about some of his past relationships and is now seeking someone who’s willing to learn about real love with him.

While you wait for Temptation Island South Africa, get to know Kwanele better in The Art of Survival on Showmax, about how creatives survived being unable to perform live during the COVID-19 lockdowns. 

“I come from a royal family so I am looking for my queen,” says Kwanele (@kwanelefinch on Instagram), who is a celebrity coach, business owner and choreographer based in Pietermaritzburg.

6. Minenhle ‘CeeJay Clyde’ Mvubu, 26

He’s recently taken time out of the dating scene to focus on his music, but the Pretoria-based CeeJay Clyde (@ceejay.clyde on Instagram) is ready to get back in the game and find the woman of his dreams. His confident exterior masks a shy boy who’s not afraid to discuss his emotions.   

“My ideal partner? She needs to be very, very confident, outgoing and the main attraction when she walks into the room,” says CeeJay Clyde, a musician and marketing and sales manager.

7. S’bu Nqini, 26

Sbu’s charm and good looks mean he’s left a trail of shattered hearts, but, having been single for four months, he says he’s now ready to find a new woman who knows how to have some fun and stands out in a crowd. 

“I’m 98kg of pure man meat,” says S’bu (@sibunqini on Instagram), an entrepreneur and model based in Gqeberha. “My power of seduction is my appeal: I don’t need to say much; you just feel it.” 

8. Sethu Colo, 28

From humble beginnings deeply rooted in KwaMashu, Sethu (@ayo_sethu on Instagram) has built himself a trendy life in Jozi. You might recognise him from Tropika Island of Treasure. He’s been single since 2019 and he’s ready for a confident woman with a nurturing soul and an adventurous spirit.

“My power of seduction? I’m authentically me. I’m just a naturally charismatic person, I’m energetic and I give off a positive vibe wherever I’m at,” says Sethu, who works as a digital content creator.

9. Tats Nkonzo, 36

An award-winning comedian and former host of Uyang’thanda Na? based in Joburg, Tats (@tatsnkonzo on Instagram) will bring the laughs, but will he bring the love? 

Admitting he cheated on his last partner, he adds, “If I had a partner who would allow me to come to Temptation Island SA as a single, I think that would be my ideal partner.”

10. Uzair ‘Uzzi’ Williams, 25

Cape Town-based Uzzi (@uzair_021 on Instagram) is the guy any girl’s father can’t help but like. His chiselled exterior hides a marshmallow heart and he wants to take time out of his busy workout routine to finally find love with a good woman.  

“My power of seduction is that I am confident, I have a great smile, I’m a funny guy, I know how to treat a girl well and I can do what a girl wants,” says Uzzi.

You can watch more about the Temptation Island South Africa cast’s single guys on YouTube here. The trailer is also available to watch here.

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