Showmax cuts price of mobile-only plan to R39 in South Africa

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Popular streaming service Showmax has reduced the price of its mobile-only plan in South Africa to just R39 per month, down from R49.

In a statement on Monday, Showmax said the prices of all other plans will remain unchanged.

20% price cut

On average, mobile-only subscribers across Africa will pay 20 percent less as from 19 April 2021, the streaming platform said.

“We know that consumers are under pressure at the moment and we believe this change will be appreciated by our mobile customers as will the decision not to increase any of our other prices, Yolisa Phahle, MultiChoice Group CEO for Connected Video, said.

“We have our most exciting slate of Showmax Originals this year and look forward to more of our subscribers enjoying our proudly African stories.”

Showmax price in South Africa

The following are the latest Showmax prices in South Africa:

  • Showmax: R99.
  • Showmax Mobile: R39 (down from R49).
  • Showmax Pro: R449.
  • Showmax Pro Mobile: R225.

Showmax price in Kenya

Kenyan subscribers can get the streaming service at the following prices:

  • Showmax: Ksh 790.
  • Showmax Mobile: Ksh 300 (down from R380).
  • Showmax Pro: Ksh 2,100.
  • Showmax Pro Mobile: Ksh 1,050.

Showmax price in Nigeria

These are the prices for Showmax in Nigeria:

  • Showmax: NGN 2,900.
  • Showmax Mobile: NGN 1,200 (down from NGN 1,450).
  • Showmax Pro: NGN 6,300.
  • Showmax Pro Mobile: NGN 3,200.

Showmax price in Ghana

Residents in Ghana can subscribe to Showmax at the following prices:

  • Showmax: GHC 45.99.
  • Showmax Mobile: GHC 16.99 (down from GHC 22.99).
  • Showmax Pro: GHC 119.99.
  • Showmax Pro Mobile: GHC 59.99.

Showmax price in Uganda

These are the latest prices for the streaming platform in Uganda:

  • Showmax: UGX 30,000.
  • Showmax Mobile: UGX 11,499 (down from 15,200).
  • Showmax Pro: UGX 67,200.
  • Showmax Pro Mobile: UGX 33,600.

Rest of Africa

Showmax prices in the rest of Africa are as follows:

  • Showmax: $7.99.
  • Showmax Mobile: $2.99 (down from 3.99).
  • Showmax Pro: $17.99.
  • Showmax Pro Mobile: $8.99.

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