Carol Ofori shares her ultimate 2021 holiday gift guide for kids

Carol Ofori
Carol Ofori. Image credit: The Platinum Club

It’s that time of the year when a 2021 holiday gift guide becomes most useful – and South African television and radio personality Carol Ofori is on hand to share hers.

Carol has cemented herself as one of the most formidable women in the local media space. She is also a doting mom and has become a prominent figure in the local parenting space thanks to her presenting gig on SABC 2’s popular series Raising Babies 101.

Carol’s 2021 holiday gift guide

As the 2021 holiday season approaches, parents around the country will be looking for the perfect gift to give their little ones. For many, finding the perfect gift for kids isn’t an easy task and they would be thankful for a guide.

While there are countless toys on sale at retailers across the country, finding the perfect balance between entertainment, education and price remains a constant struggle. However, Carol has scoured the market and shares six items your kids will love when they finally open their gifts this festive season.

“I believe that when you gift your children, you should always think of things that can inspire them, help them think out of the box and let them be creative while allowing them the space to showcase who they are through these toys,” Carol says. “It’s something I am always mindful of when buying gifts for my children or any other children.”

Building Blocks

“There is an incredible variety of building blocks or Lego available today – and they are great for both boys and girls to play with,” Carol says. “It encourages kids to think outside of the box and you will be astonished at the creations your kids will build. My son built a triple story house with a garage and a pool as well as the pool pump. It was insane!”

Transport Vehicles

“Kids are so interested in how the world works and the one thing they are always a part of is how we move from place to place so teaching them about transport and the different modes available is both fun and educational,” Carol says.

“My son is obsessed with the take-off and landing process of an airplane so watching him having studied that and watching him play with his plane and the sounds he makes is just so incredible for me as a mom to see.”


“Education is something I am incredibly passionate about and I often say that some of the best gifts you can give a child is a book,” Carol explains.

“Books are beautiful because not only do you enjoy the stories and reading the stories to your kids, but the questions they ask and the intriguing insight they get after being read or reading a book helps educate our children in such a special way. It is so important to have discussions with your children and this is the perfect catalyst for these moments.”

Indoor Tents

“I find that my kids let their imagination run free when they camp inside the house,” Carol explains. “These tents have become very popular and they’re not that expensive if you shop well so I definitely think this is a perfect gift for kids.”

Art and Craft Sets

“There is nothing more beautiful than seeing your kids create something and letting their creativity run wild through arts and crafts,” Carol says. “Letting their imagination run free and creative a picture or product is not only educational, but it’s a fun time for both parents and children.”

Inclusive Dolls

“While generic dolls are still incredibly popular, brands are becoming more and more inclusive which is so incredible to see,” Carol says. “Children want to play with dolls that look like them – but it goes deeper than just skin colour sometimes.

“Brands like Miniland Dolls are at the forefront because not only do they have dolls with a variety of skin tones relevant to the South African market available, but they also have a range of dolls with downs syndrome and who wear glasses and hearing aids – a major step forward in my opinion.”

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