Matt Gardiner’s new single ‘Brown Hair, Brown Eyes’ earns praise

Matt Gardiner Brown Hair, Brown Eyes
Matt Gardiner. Image credit: Facebook/Matt Gardiner

Brimming with talent, Matt Gardiner is a familiar figure in the South African music scene. His Pop Country sound has seen him open for artistes such as Prime Circle, Arno Carstens, Desmond and the Tutus, to mention a few.

He has been influenced by luminaries such as Matthew Mole, Ed Sheeran and Jeremy Loops – and yet he is a heavyweight in his own right with hit singles on most of South Africa’s major radio stations.

‘Brown Hair, Brown Eyes’ is Matt Gardiner’s ‘best work yet’

Born and raised in Pietermaritzburg, Matt Gardiner describes Brown Hair, Brown Eyes as his best work yet. The single is a wholesome country song with pop influences. As with most country songs, it is a love song

“A few years ago, a very special person in my life came back from the USA. All I got to listen to in the car for ages was country music. It drew me in and I fell in love with the genre,” Matt says. 

Image credit: Facebook/Matt Gardiner

“This song is pretty much an ode to her, and all of the amazing things about her. This girl that I love is wild at heart, and so fiercely her that it’s inspiring. She’s literally the life of the party, she’s my living ray of sunshine, and of course she has brown hair and brown eyes.”

The song came about one day when Matt was driving in his car. He couldn’t get the phrase brown hair, brown eyes out of his head. When he arrived home, he recorded the sample version of the track within an hour. 

Bringing the single to life

He says, “It flowed so quickly, and everything just fit together.” Matt took his idea to his good friend and producer Bryn Scott and Brown Hair, Brown Eyes was brought to life.

“We decided on live drums and honest country guitar. This song was always meant to be driven by the vocals,” he says. The team also worked with Brent Quintin who engineered the recording at The Audio Suite Studio in Durban. 

With the song being so close to Matt’s heart, he is excited for the world to hear it. He concludes, “I’m hoping that this song is viewed the way that I see it.

“I want people to think about the person they love when they hear the song. This song is very real and has a very special place in my heart. It speaks the truth about my feelings, and it gives me a way to express exactly how amazing this girl is.”

You can download or stream the track on DistroKid here.

An audio version of the song is also available on YouTube.

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