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Load shedding: EFF says Gordhan, entire Eskom board must resign

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has demanded the resignations of Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan and the entire Eskom board over the load shedding crisis.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the party said the crisis is a result of Eskom’s “incompetent leadership” and Gordhan’s “interference.”

The state power utility has been implemented stage 4 load shedding for several days now. On Monday, it briefly escalated it to an unprecedented stage 6.

‘Greedy capitalist establishment’

Eskom blamed heavy rains that caused coal handling issues as well as flooding at Kriel power station. A further technical fault at Medupi power station compounded the problem.

The party said, “The EFF believes that the Eskom leadership of Jabu Mabuza and Pravin Gordhan are deliberately sabotaging Eskom so as to build a case for privatisation of electricity.

“The EFF is aware that the current Ramaphosa administration is working with the greedy capitalist establishment to undermine the power generation of Eskom so that they can later sell power stations to the capitalist establishment.”

It called for the appointment of a team of engineers and experts, “including those who have ended load shedding before,” to develop a maintenance plan for Eskom’s power stations.

‘Discontinue IPPs’

It further demanded a discontinuation of renewable energy independent power producers (IPP) agreements because “they add no significant value to South Africa’s electricity needs.”

EFF also spoke against the President Cyril Ramaphosa’s plans to unbundle Eskom into three entities – generation, transmission and distribution.

“We demand that Mr Cyril Ramaphosa must develop some courage and act against incompetence and sabotage because the people who are involved in these are doing so in his name and to benefit his private funders,” the party added.

Meanwhile, Ramaphosa cut short his visit to Egypt on Tuesday to return to South Africa to deal with the Eskom crisis.

The Presidency confirmed that he will meet with Eskom’s management team on Wednesday.

Ramaphosa came under fire for going ahead with the visit just hours after Eskom announced the escalation to stage 6 of load shedding on Monday.

Shivambu, Ndlozi: AfriForum, 'rogue unit' behind Malema's On Point woes

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Deputy President Floyd Shivambu and national spokesperson Dr Mbuyiseni Ndlozi have jumped to their leader Julius Malema’s defence against new corruption allegations linked to Limpopo company On Point Engineering.

In tweets posted on Sunday, Shivambu and Ndlozi claimed “white media,” “rogue unit,” and advocacy group AfriForum are behind the allegations.

Over the weekend, News24 reported that a “never-seen-before affidavit” reveals more details about how On Point Engineering allegedly funded Malema’s flashy lifestyle when he was still President of the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL).

‘No surrender, no retreat’

However, Shivambu dismissed the report as an attempt by the so-called rogue unit to “build a case” against Malema.

He wrote, “The Rogue Unit is using the invasive, illegal and unlawful methods to build a case against the CiC @Julius_S_Malema because they are under siege and will soon be exposed and defeated. Whatever they say and do, the battle cry is No surrender! No retreat!”

EFF has repeatedly claimed that a “rogue unit” existed in the South African Revenue Service (SARS) to conduct “illegal” surveillance on public figures. They have further claimed that it was associated with Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan.

For his part, claimed “white media” and AfriForum are “working overtime” to get Malema in jail.

He wrote, “White media and AfriForum are working overtime to have our CIC behind bars. This stems from a deep hatred they hold on him and the ideas he represents.

“Unfortunately, prison or the very threat of it, has historically failed to defeat an idea whose time has come. We are not moved!!!”

Malema, On Point Engineering and Ratanang Trust

News24 reported that Malema held an indirect shareholding in On Point Engineering through his now defunct Ratanang Family Trust.

Last month, the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) said it had decided to charge On Point Engineering, represented by Lesiba Gwangwa, as well as Kagisho Dichabe and Thomas Rasethaba for fraud.

They are alleged to have misrepresented to the Limpopo Department of Roads and Transport in the award of a R51 million tender.

However, the NPA said it will not prosecute Malema “at this stage” and will wait for the finalisation of the trial against On Point before making a decision based on “the record of the proceedings and any credibility findings.”

It added, “A separate investigation will immediately be launched regarding the administration of the Ratanang Family Trust and a decision will be taken hereon after the finalisation of the investigation in this regard.”

The “never-seen-before” affidavit was deposited by an employee of Gwangwa. The employee claimed Gwangwa had tasked him with depositing cash, “running into millions” of rand, into the Ratanang Family Trust’s account.

The affidavit further claims Malema received other favours such as a R1 million Mercedes Benz Viano, a ride in a chartered jet, and paid-for holidays in Zimbali resort in KwaZulu-Natal.

The EFF leader reportedly declined to comment on these new claims.

EFF nominates Musa Novela to succeed Herman Mashaba as Joburg Mayor

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has announced Musa Novela as its candidate for Mayor of the City of Johannesburg.

In a statement on Tuesday, the party said it will nominate Novela on Thursday to succeed Herman Mashaba, who will formally resign on Wednesday.

EFF said, “The nomination follows the EFF decision that our Governance experience and understanding of the inner workings of government at all levels, and our correct manifesto priorities place the EFF as the most suitable organisation to lead the City of Johannesburg.”

EFF Johannesburg Chairperson

Novela is the Chairperson of the EFF in Johannesburg and its Caucus leader in the Council. He became a councillor after the 2016 local government elections.

EFF cited several “tremendous victories” achieved under his leadership, including insourcing of workers, opening of 24-hour clinics, and introduction of mobile clinics to cater for poorer communities and informal settlements.

Novela holds a National higher certificate in Local Governance from the
University of Johannesburg and a National Diploma in Analytical Chemistry from Tshwane University of Technology, the party said.

It added, “The EFF collective leadership has utmost confidence in the capacity, commitment and political will of Fighter Musa Novela to lead the City towards jobs and service delivery.”

DA ‘will not support EFF candidate’

Last week, DA announced Fuzela Ngobeni as its candidate for Joburg Mayor. DA head of governance James Selfe said on Monday that his party will not support an EFF candidate.

He said, “Having consulted with our coalition parties, namely the IFP, ACDP, Cope, and FF+, we are confident that when the various caucuses toe their party lines, the EFF candidate will fall out, leaving the DA and ANC candidates.”

EFF’s decision to field Novela comes soon after it announced earlier on Tuesday that it will table an urgent motion of no confidence in Democratic Alliance (DA) Mayor for the City of Tshwane, Stevens Mokgalapa.

At a press conference last week, EFF leader Julius Malema suggested that the African National Congress (ANC) or DA should consider backing an EFF candidate for Mayor of Joburg in return for EFF support in Tshwane.

Malema said, “And we are not going to enter into coalitions. You lead Tshwane exclusively and we lead Joburg exclusively, so there is no interference with each other.

“If it is going to be done with the ANC, so be it. If is it going to done with the DA, so be it. We are going to field our candidate in Joburg.”

ANC has not yet revealed its candidate, although its chairperson in the greater Johannesburg region, Geoff Makhubo, is believed to be the preferred.

News24 reported that ANC could also be considering backing a candidate from the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), believed to be Bonginkosi Dlamini, for the job.

‘Mazzotti boys steal, eat money of poor:’ Mngxitama on Malema VBS claims

Black First Land First (BLF) leader Andile Mngxitama has accused Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) of “stealing and eating” poor people’s money.

In an article on his Black Opinion blog on Sunday, Mngxitama reacted to a Sunday Times claim that VBS Mutual Bank “loot” helped EFF leader Julius Malema buy a R5 million house in Sandown, Johannesburg.

He referred to the EFF as “Mazzotti boys.” The party admitted that controversial businessman Adriano Mazzotti paid its registration fees for the 2014 elections.

‘Dinners with Johann Rupert’

Mngxitama wrote, “These chaps steal from the poor and eat their money. The story is on the front page of today’s Sunday Times.

“Their problem is that they leave a paper trail. They really thought that they were protected from StratCom when they joined hands against President Zuma.”

Mngxitama also claimed that although EFF leaders had dinners with billionaire Johann Rupert in the past, Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan “is revealing their files to the media.”

He further alleged that EFF will not push for land expropriation without compensation or challenge President Cyril Ramaphosa in Parliament because “white monopoly capital [will] keep on threatening jail.”

VBS cash ‘ends up in Malema trusts’

Over the weekend, Sunday Times published a report claiming that part of the money allegedly stolen from the collapsed VBS Mutual Bank ended up in Malema’s Munzhedzi Family Trust.

Money from this trust then helped buy Malema the Sandown home, the publication claimed. The EFF leader denied ever receiving VBS funds.

Writing on his blog, Mngxitama challenged Malema to sue the publication or take it to the Press Ombudsman if it was “lying.”

He said the third option was to confess, “Come out and confess, and also ask for forgiveness for collapsing VBS for cars and houses. VBS was the only black bank we ever had.”

Both EFF and Mngxitama seemingly believe that Gordhan is behind the allegations. In a Twitter post before Sunday Times published the report, EFF alerted its followers.

The party wrote, “ALERT: Fellow fighters, South Africans and progressive internationalists, each time the EFF leadership has criticised Pravin Jamnandas Gordhan like this, they are followed by invasive embedded journalist articles in major publications. So, be warned and not fall to enemy traps!”

Malema slams ‘pure state capture,’ says Gordhan will be Ramaphosa’s downfall

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema has claimed that there is a “new state capture” going on.

He was speaking at a press briefing on Thursday on the EFF’s National People’s Assembly scheduled for 13-16 December at Nasrec, Johannesburg.

He claimed that Public Enterprises Minister is overseeing an agenda of “minorities” to privatise state-owned enterprises (SOEs).

‘Pravin will be Cyril’s downfall’

Malema said, “The downfall of [President Cyril Ramaphosa] will be Pravin Gordhan, who is a prime minister of this country with a clear purpose and programme – remove black African managers, replace them with minorities, and the mandate of the minorities is to privatise all SOEs.”

The EFF leader claimed that Gordhan is delaying the appointment of a new Transnet CEO because his preferred candidate did not make the shortlist.

He further claimed that former South African Airways CEO Vuyani Jarana resigned because of Gordhan’s alleged interference in the running of the airline.

Malema alleged that SAA is being deliberately “dismantled” so that the donors to the Ramaphosa’s CR17 campaign can benefit from its privatisation.

‘Pure state capture’

He said, “You think a person can put R1 billion in a campaign and not expect to be paid back? They want their investment back.

“This is an open, pure state capture happening right in front of our eyes, but because it is being done by whites, with the assistance of some few Indians, it’s acceptable.”

Malema also criticised the appointment of Andre de Ruyter as Eskom CEO, claiming his record at Nampak shows he’s not pro-transformation.

However, Gordhan defended the appointment while delivering an address to the American Chamber of Commerce South Africa on Wednesday evening.

He referred to de Ruyter as an experienced and patriotic South African, adding, “He’s a reflection of the principle of non-racialism in our society, and that appointment… doesn’t mean that black professionals are being marginalised.”

Speaking during his meeting with the Black Business Council on Thursday, Ramaphosa also said de Ruyter’s appointment is an important step towards restoring stability at Eskom.

Ndlozi questions why ‘entire media contingency’ covered case of ‘white policeman’

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) national spokesperson Dr Mbuyiseni Ndlozi has questioned the presence of “an entire media contingency of senior journalists” at his and EFF leader Julius Malema’s assault case.

The two appeared at the Randburg Magistrate’s court on Wednesday for allegedly assaulting a policeman during the funeral of the late African National Congress (ANC) stalwart Winnie Madikizela-Mandela in 2018.

Shortly before the proceedings, Ndlozi posted a video of the journalists and National Prosecuting Authority’s (NPA) spokesperson Phindi Mjonondwane on Twitter.

‘A white policeman says he was pushed’

He accompanied it with the caption, “Must Watch: NPA deploys [a] senior spokesperson to a common assault case.

“Then, an entire media contingency of senior journalists just to cover a case [in which] a white policeman says he was pushed. Of all matters facing this country – white bodies matter! Then #DieBokkie #StrongerTogether.”

In the video, Ndlozi is also heard saying, “These are all senior journalists. When a white man says they were assaulted, this is what happens in South Africa.”

Speaking after the postponement, Malema denied assaulting the police officer, insisting that all they were “fighting” for was to enter the cemetery to bury “our mother.”

‘We had all the right to be there’

Malema said, “We had all the right to be there and he was not going to stop us. If we’re going to prison for having fought to bury Winnie Mandela, so be it.

“Let it be that we are being arrested for fighting to bury a revolutionary. I think it was a genuine cause. So if they want to do anything, they can do whatever they want to do.”

The case was postponed to March 2020 for trial. CCTV footage reportedly captured the incident and the officer involved filed a case against the two EFF leaders.

Lobby group AfriForum applied pressure on NPA to prosecute them. The latter eventually announced its decision to prosecute in September.

AfriForum has similarly pressured NPA to charge Malema for alleged corruption related to controversial Limpopo-based company On Point Engineering. NPA said last week it will prosecute On Point’s directors first and make a decision on Malema afterwards.

Other EFF leaders present in court on Wednesday were National Chairperson Dali Mpofu and Treasurer Hlengiwe Mkhize.

EFF asks members to pass proposals for African federal govt, army, 1 currency

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has asked its members to consider passing resolutions calling for an African federal government and army as well as one African currency.

These proposals are contained in the party’s discussion document for its second National People’s Assembly (NPA) set for 13-16 December in Nasrec, Johannesburg.

Thousands of branch delegates are expected to elect EFF’s national leadership and pass resolutions on a range of issues at the Assembly.

‘Pan-Africanism and progressive internationalism’

In a chapter titled “Economic Freedom Fighters, Pan-Africanism and Progressive Internationalism,” the EFF urges its members to “take note of the need for a continental and diaspora-wide Pan-African Movement.”

It adds, “The EFF must resolve that for complete unification of the African continent, there must be one currency for all the countries of the continent.

“The conference must further resolve to have one African language at least, Kiswahili as a recommendation, to be developed fully and be integrated into school curriculums with the aim of making the language a common language of communication in Africa. 

“The EFF must agitate for a united African continent, with one federal government and army, and affirm the higher authority of the Pan-African Parliament as the ultimate legislative body for continental matters.”

‘Elimination of unnecessary borders’

The party has urged the Assembly to call for a “continental and diaspora Pan-African Congress” to discuss these and other proposals to strengthen African unity.

It says it “will also advocate for the ultimate integration of the African continent through the erosion and eventual elimination of unnecessary borders” such as those separating South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland.

The EFF also vows to promote socialism internationally because “socialism will never work if still confined to nation states.”

It added, “Therefore, the EFF must unashamedly be in solidarity with all revolutionary forces, and support attempts to overthrow imperial regimes and usher in progressive governments.”

When EFF leader Julius Malema was still President of the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL), he controversially said the ANCYL would establish a “Botswana command team” to unite oppositional forces in Botswana to oppose the “puppet regime” of then President Ian Khama.

Other “internationalist” proposals in the document include expansion of the United Nations Security Council and a “complete withdrawal from the International Criminal Court by all African nations.”

Malema posts selected pics of Rupert’s braai with ‘the real Springboks’

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema has posted selected pictures from billionaire Johann Rupert’s braai with the Springboks on Twitter.

Malema posted the images on Thursday along with the caption, “The owner of South Africa had a braai with the real Springboks team at his place. #Unity.”

He was seemingly reiterating the EFF’s controversial stance against celebrating the Boks’ World Cup win because, according to them, it represents “false unity.”

Twitter user post “left out” photos

The pictures Malema posted showed Rupert posing with white current and former Springboks players.

However, several Twitter users replied to his tweet with photos of Rupert posing with the team’s black players as well.

It’s unclear whether the EFF’s leader’s omission of the other pictures was deliberate or not.

Nevertheless, he pinned the tweet on top of his profile and had not removed it several hours after posting it.

EFF not buying “unity” narrative

Since the Springboks won the World Cup, the EFF has made it clear that it has not bought into the “unity” narrative.

Its spokesperson, Dr Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, sparked controversy on social media with several tweets about the narrative.

In one of them, he wrote, ““We are pushing against all efforts to pull a 1994/1996 on us AGAIN. We will not take the sleeping tablets of Rugby euphoria AGAIN.

“We will be better than our parents; we choose to feel the PAINFUL TRUTH of our wretched conditions. WE REFUSE UNITY WITHOUT EQUALITY AND THE LAND.”

Earlier this week, EFF also objected to a motion in Parliament to recognise and celebrate the Boks’ historic win.

Despite their protestations, however, throngs of South Africans from all backgrounds lined up streets across the country to hail the players during their victory tour.

EFF to join SAA strike: ‘If needs be, all airports must be shut down’

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has said it will join the strike action by South African Airways (SAA) workers set to begin on Friday.

In a statement issued on Thursday, the party said it was sending its “revolutionary solidarity” to the striking workers.

It said, “The EFF not only supports the strike action, we will join in together with our ground forces.”

EFF blames Ramaphosa, Gordhan

EFF blamed President Cyril Ramaphosa and Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan, whose portfolio includes SAA, for the airline’s “failure.”

“They have been presiding over the government for two years now and SAA, like other SOEs (e.g. Eskom), is continuing to deteriorate. They have no plan to save state institutions and the broader economic conditions of high unemployment,” it said.

The party took a swipe at Ramaphosa’s investment conferences, asking why SAA is planning to retrench workers if the conferences are yielding billions of rand.

It urged workers to unite and fight against retrenchments and said SAA’s failure cannot be blamed on ordinary workers.

‘All airports must be shut down’

EFF concluded, “We call on all progressive forces in South Africa, families and relatives of all workers in SAA to join in the demonstrations and fight against job losses.

“If needs be, all airports must be shut down, until SAA guarantees jobs for all SAA workers.”

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA) and South African Cabin Crew Association (SACCA) served SAA with a strike notice on Wednesday.

They are firmly against SAA’s restructuring plans announced earlier this week which the airline said could affect about 900 workers. They have also demanded an 8% salary increase across the board.

On Thursday, SAA announced the cancellation of all domestic, regional and international flights for Friday and Saturday.

However, the cancellations do not affect its partner airlines such as SA Express, Mango and SA Airlink.

Gordhan reacts to Malema hate speech case loss: ‘He won’t be intimidated’

Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan has reacted to Thursday’s Equality Court ruling that dismissed his application against Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema.

Gordhan failed to have Malema’s comment that he is “a dog of white monopoly capital” declared hate speech.

Speaking through his lawyer Tebogo Malatji, Gordhan said he “remains committed to political debate that deepens our democratic discourse and builds our country towards the Constitution’s vision of equality, dignity and freedom for all South Africans.”

‘He will not be intimidated’

Malatji added, “[Gordhan] will not be intimidated and will continue, with the vast majority of South Africans, to challenge those who undermine these goals.”

He conceded that Gordhan lost the case on “technical questions of the interpretation of the Equality Act.”

However, Malatji noted that the ruling said Malema’s statements were “clearly intended to be hurtful” and “promote hatred” of Gordhan.

“These statements were described by the Court as ‘obnoxious,’ and that they contained an ‘example of an extravagant juvenile rant stretching hyperbole to the extreme in the course of a demonstrably demagogic speech,'” Malatji said.

He advised Gordhan to explore all legal options “to seek recourse against the persistent and infantile political campaign of the EFF that spreads lies about our client, and promotes the politics of hate, division, intolerance and intimidation.”

EFF leaders celebrate ruling

Earlier on Thursday, EFF leaders hailed Judge Roland Sutherland’s ruling. EFF Secretary-General Godrich Gardee said it upheld EFF’s right to freedom of expression.

The party’s Deputy President Floyd Shivambu wrote on Twitter, “The DOG OF WHITE MONOPOLY CAPITAL, Founder of the Rogue Unit, Grand Master of the CABAL, god of STRATCOM, the nepotist who’s destroying State Owned Companies Jamnandas Gordhan was defeated and should pay cost for his frivolous application.”

EFF spokesperson Dr Mbuyiseni Ndlozi added that “Jamnandas is not above the law.”

He wrote, “Let us repeat once more; Pravin Jamnandas Gordhan is A DOG OF WHITE MONOPOLY CAPITAL.”

In its official statement, EFF said the ruling “is a powerful signal to [those in power] that they must not use our courts to curtail accountability and scrutiny over their actions.”

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