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Rustenburg, it’s happening: Cassper Nyovest announces Fill Up 2019 date, venue

Rustenburg, are you ready? Cassper Nyovest has finally named his home province of North West as the host of this year’s Fill Up concert.

After several postponements, Mufasa finally made the much anticipated announcement via a Twitter video on Monday evening.

He said #FillUp2019 will be held at the Royal Bafokeng Stadium in Rustenburg on 15 December.

The official hashtag is #FillUpRoyalBafokeng. It’s gonna be crazy, it’s my homecoming, North West is my province, so I’m going home.

Cassper Nyovest

Tickets are already available at Webtickets. The buzz is already on and it promises to be super lit.

Cassper’s fans are already making bookings and all – that’s how big this announcement is.

Others praised him for choosing North West. Twitter user @vmuhadi replied, “Good move for taking it back home, Cass. See you there.”

All the best, Mufasa!

Cassper Nyovest apologises to fans after yet another #FillUp2019 postponement

Cassper Nyovest has sincerely apologised to his fans after postponing the announcement of the 2019 Fill Up venue and date yet again.

In recent weeks, the Baby Girl hitmaker has whipped up a frenzy of anticipation and excitement about the big announcement.

He even admitted that he was feeling the pressure in a recent video where he confirmed that the “date is coming.”

It all reached fever pitch on Thursday when he tweeted, “6pm. Tell a friend it’s coming. #FillUp2019.”

However, he deflated his fans’ hopes barely two hours later when tweeted that he won’t be making the announcement after all.

Won’t be announcing today unfortunately. I am soooooooo sad. I wish i could explain. #FillUp2019.

Cassper Nyovest

Fans not happy

Well, this became a little too much for the fans. Predictably, they weren’t happy at all.

Wa bona wena Cassper at this rate you will end up filling Bra Joe’s tavern ko Diepsloot.

Twitter user @_starchild263

We’re losing interest dude. You’re gonna have the damn #FillUp thing with yourself.


Cassper apologises

Cassper felt the heat and had to subsequently apologise. However, an explanation for the delay was still not forthcoming.

It’s not easy. I know y’all mad at me. I’m soooo sorry. I need to keep a strong head and I know one thing. God’s delay isn’t God’s denial. #FillUp2019.

Cassper Nyovest

Keep your head up, Cassper! Temporary setbacks only give you a chance to come back stronger.

Cassper scoffs at hip hop top 50 list that doesn’t include him

Cassper Nyovest has expressed surprise that a fan’s list of top 50 hip hop artistes in South Africa doesn’t include him.

The fan, who calls himself “gucci,” posted his “subjective” list on Twitter on Wednesday.

It’s topped by Nasty C, with A Reece, Shane Eagle, The Big Hash and Khuli Chana completing the top 5.

My subjective SA Hip Hop top 50 based on skill, when I say ‘Skill’ it means a combo of ‘bars’ ‘delivery’ ‘song writing’ if you disagree, don’t criticise, just post yours, it really is that simple. [Sic]

Twitter user gucci

On Thursday, Mufasa couldn’t help but share his surprise at his exclusion from the list.

Damn. I ain’t make the list at all papi? I understand, I’m probably number 51. lol.

Cassper Nyovest

As usual, these Twitter streets can get pretty uncomfortable.

Some tweeps agreed with the list and suggested that Cassper is more of a Kwaito artiste. Ouch.

Auster Chamba replied, “I’m sure on the Kwaito artistes list you’re on number 1.”

Nevertheless, some fans came to Mufasa’s defence, arguing that he couldn’t possibly be so successful without top-50 skill levels.

In the end, Cassper said he was simply joking about the whole issue and trolling the author of that list.

Cassper Nyovest flaunts massive mansion: ‘Crib decided to photobomb’

Popular rapper Cassper Nyovest showed his fans yet another glimpse of his luxurious mansion late on Tuesday evening.

Taking to Twitter, he posted a selfie along with the caption, “The sun was out, wanted to take a selfie and my Crib decided to photobomb. #BoysWithBigCribs”

As a measure of his social media influence, the hashtag #BoysWithBigCribs has been trending on Twitter for several hours.

Mufasa has never been shy to flaunt the crib he reportedly purchased in 2017.

According to East Coast Radio, the mansion set him back a whopping R10 million.

The crib sits on a spacious piece of land with lush gardens and of course a sizeable swimming pool.

The interior befits Cassper’s stature as one of the biggest artistes in Mzansi, complete with a recording studio, cigar lounge, and four garages.

He’s truly the “king of the jungle” – a real life Mufasa – when it comes to his imposing house.

Way to go, Cassper! This is how success looks like. Wishing you even more!

Fans slam ‘ungrateful’ Cassper Nyovest: ‘Take a first flight to Nigeria’

Cassper Nyovest has got his South African fans fuming on social media over his comments about local artistes not getting as much support as Nigerian ones.

It all started with tweets he posted late last week about the matter.

He lamented that “we would rather fight amongst ourselves and cut down our airplay to cut the reach.”

In another tweet, Mufasa went as far as wishing he was from Nigeria because “they celebrate their music.”

This latter tweet seems to have particularly upset his fans in Mzansi. They accused him of being ungrateful.

Mara Cassper really is ungrateful hey. 20 000 people filled up the dome and multiple other stadiums around our beautiful country and he’s whining about not being supported

Palesa Modingwane

Some even asked Cassper to go to Nigeria and fill up stadiums there.

Cassper is ungrateful after all SA fans have done to build his Fill Up and brand. Just buy a ticket broer take a first flight to Nigeria. He must also host his next fill up in Lagos.


It wasn’t all criticism for Cassper, though. Some fans supported his views and said he has been misunderstood.

Cassper only represented facts based on numbers of support. 3M views on youtube for music in SA is an achievement while Naija and Kenya makes 20M. Come on stop feeling sensitive Mabenas. You roast Bafana but cannot take jabs?


Nigerian hip hop star Ice Prince also came to Cassper’s defence.

Africans Love #SouthAfrica And will always hold the country up and high up forever !!!!! We just need The same Love back with no comparisons, Generalism or divisions in any form or shape and Everything will be Nice @casspernyovest You are as Nigerian as i am South African. [Sic]

Ice Prince

Despite the fan meltdown, Cassper isn’t showing any remorse. In fact, he’s moving right along.

Well, as they say, any publicity is good publicity. People are talking about Cassper and that has to be good for him, right?

Cassper Nyovest: SA music scene ‘disrespects our own sound and artistes’

Cassper Nyovest has lambasted the South African music scene for holding back local artistes from reaching their full international potential.

Cassper was reacting to a tweet about Nigerian artistes Davido, Wizkid and Burna Boy collaborating with A-list international acts like Chris Brown and Beyoncé.

In a tweet he posted on Friday, the popular rapper said local artistes could have the same success if it wasn’t for infighting.

Too gone. We could have the same thing but nah, we would rather fight amongst ourselves and cut down our airplay to cut the reach.

Disrespect our own sound and artists. That’s our vibe here. [Folks] not playing your music cause they don’t like you, you know? Those vibes. We lost!

Cassper Nyovest

When challenged by a fan to do something about it, Cassper said he has already tried but failed. He blamed it all on egos.

Tried. [Folks] ignoring my phone calls and Dms. Nobody wants to [help] each other ouchea. It’s all Egos. Who gone make it on his own? That’s the race we running in SA.

Cassper Nyovest

Some fans agreed with Cassper, who has just dropped a hot new single with Khuli Chana, Ichu.

We once sent an email to Family Tree as we wanted to arrange a gig for Cassper in Los Angeles, California during the BET weekend. No response.

West Africans always have gigs in Los Angeles & that is making them popular cause LA is the trendsetter in the US.

Trends Central

However, if Cassper was hoping for an outpouring of sympathy, he was terribly mistaken.

Most replies accused him of being part of the problem.

You are a huge part of that problem though so take responsibility and lead the charge towards the road of redemption..it’s not too late & impossible..that’ll be more effective than you always highlighting that you guys are slacking.


Some even told him that his music isn’t that great.

Nah Cassper just say wena your music [isn’t great] that’s why it has no global reach. Are we forgetting just a year ago that The only African artists featured in Kendrick black panther album were South African??


Others reminded him that several local artistes have already worked with top international artistes.

We also have that here in S.A. @DjMaphorisa co-produced “One Dance” with Drake. @RealBlackCoffee featured Alicia Keys in “In Common”
Beyonce featured @busiswaah and @Moonsanelly in “My power.”

Irene Phakela

A lot of fans also accused Cassper of seeking validation from America.

Yho, Cassper legit got introduced to himself with these sobering replies. Seems he has plenty of thinking to do!

Fans love Khuli Chana’s Ichu ft. Cassper Nyovest but some are disappointed

Khuli Chana’s single Ichu featuring Cassper Nyovest has just dropped to rave reviews among fans – but a few are disappointed.

Both artistes dropped links to the single on their social media pages on Friday morning.

The fast and energetic banger is a mishmash of hip hop, house music and kwaito.

It’s definitely one for Motswako diehards. Many fans are already praising it on social media – and for good reason.

As I take moment of silence on my birthday with that #ichu flame. By @KhuliChana featuring @casspernyovest it’s worth it.

Twitter user @JohnSkate4Real

Some complained that the banger is a bit too short – but they still love it.

This song is too short. 3min songs are not a thing anymore nou las. Mo e trekellang ka teng.

Twitter user @chickz07

However, for some hip hop heads, Ichu didn’t do it for them. They weren’t shy to share their disappointment either.

Y’all are the reason why SA hip hop will never grow. That [music’s not good] and y’all hyping it.

Maponya Kgaogelo

Nevertheless, a dope beat is a dope beat and some fans jumped to Ichu‘s defence.

#Ichu is Motswako a mixture of multiple sounds rapped in Setswana. I don’t understand why people are saying this song is whack blah blah heee this is a street banger and we as the Tswana speaking people we behind it no matter how you feel about it WE VIBE!!!!