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Drake turns up for DJ Black Coffee’s show and Mzansi can’t deal

US rap and hip hop megastar Drake turned up for South Africa’s own DJ Black Coffee’s show in Toronto on Sunday, much to delight of local fans of both artistes.

Black Coffee posted a snap of himself and the rapper on Instagram at Rebel Toronto, Canada’s largest entertainment complex.

He accompanied it with the caption, “What a crazy night @rebeltoronto…… Thank you for pulling up Bro [Drake]. Truly appreciate it.”

The two stood next to each other as they posed for the pic. Drake was among thousands of revellers who rocked to Black Coffee’s mixes.

Drake’s Insta stories

The top rapper enjoyed DJ Black Coffee’s sets so much that he posted two Instagram stories of him performing.

Twitter users, such as @MuzEsquire were quick to share them on Twitter. He captioned it, “Drake casually hanging around Black Coffee like a fan.”

The rapper also commented on Black Coffee’s Instagram post with “raised hands” emojis as a sign of appreciation.

South Africa’s top DJ has achieved pretty much everything a DJ can achieve, but having one of the biggest artistes on the planet as your fan is quite something.

Mzansi fans can’t deal

It’s no wonder Black Coffee started trending within an hour of posting the snap on Instagram and Twitter.

Local celebs led the awed reactions. Mampintsha and J’Something reacted with emojis, while Oskido wrote, “Champions league level.”

DJ Tira added, “Nothing can disturb the boy. The boy is too much…even [Drake] agrees!”

The situation was pretty much the same on Twitter. @Lebo_Mitty tweeted, “Black Coffee is doing the most, y’all.”

@_Mfusi added, “I like how Black Coffee always takes the time to take pictures and appreciate his fans.”

Another fan, @Boss4YouG, retweeted Black Coffee’s photo with the caption, “And he never brags about a thing. I’ve never come across such a humble person.”

Mpho Letsholonyane on sharing ‘Jesus is Shangaan’ cartoon: ‘Error of judgement’

Popular sports presenter Mpho Letsholonyane has apologised for sharing a cartoon that suggested Jesus wouldn’t be proud of being Shangaan.

Letsholonyane posted the apology on her Twitter account on Thursday following accusations of perpetuating tribal stereotypes.

She said sharing the video was “an error of judgement” on her part, adding that she has since deleted it.

Letsholonyane emphasised that it wasn’t her intention to hurt anyone: “Apologies for hurting/insulting you. It was not intentional.”

Flak from Twitter users

Letsholonyane got major flak from some Twitter users since sharing the cartoon late on Wednesday.

It depicted Jesus in a clinic where a doctor informs him that he’s Shangaan, not the son of God, after a DNA test.

An apparently disappointed Jesus then attempts to “scrub off” his being Shangaan before attempting to take his own life.

The presenter accompanied the video with the caption, “Still funny coz wow!!” However, some of her followers didn’t find it funny at all.

@Xipopana_ tweeted, “I’m struggling to understand how she finds that funny during a time these Shangaan folk are loaded in police vans and being harassed for sounding “funny” in the City.”

“I am so deeply offended by this mocking video. Tsonga/Shangaan as a tribe needs to be respected as they do to other tribes. We live in a democratic country where we all have equal rights,” @Christos_Fanuel added.

Some defend Letsholonyane

It wasn’t all flak for the presenter, however, as some of her followers came to her defence.

@zintle_queen replied, “I’m a proud Shangaan and definitely find that video funny.”

@original_miss_p argued, “Imagine apologising for what you deem humorous….I laugh all the time when they make jokes about Xhosa people (which I am).

“Sometimes we get dragged for having loose morals and it’s not a joke, Zulus and now Shangaan… I think we are being too sensitive on this app.”

Fergusons on Ndara’s allegations: ‘A ploy to defame and tarnish our name’

Celebrity couple Shona and Connie Ferguson have finally responded to actress Vatiswa Ndara’s allegations against their production company, Ferguson Films.

In a statement posted by entertainment commentator Phil Mphela on Twitter on Wednesday, the Fergusons said the allegations are “misguided” and “a ploy to defame and tarnish” their name.

“The allegations towards Ferguson Films are consequently misguided, misdirected and misleading and can be seen as a ploy to defame and tarnish our name and reputation,” they wrote.

Ndara’s allegations

Ndara is popular for playing the role of NomaRussia in the popular telenovela iGazi, which is produced by Ferguson Films.

She posted an open letter on Twitter on Monday addressed to the Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture Nathi Mthethwa about her experience with Ferguson Films.

The actress said she had rejected an offer of R110,000 from the production company to continue her role on iGazi‘s Season 3.

She said this amount isn’t much because the contract entails “limitless calls.” This means she could be on set for 12 hours a day, Monday to Saturday.

In addition, Ndara said she would have earned R82,500 after tax while the production house and the channel “will continue to reap the financial benefits through repeat broadcasts, licensing deals and repackaging of the show.”

She claimed she had to return on set within days of laying to rest her late mother.

Contractual constraints

Shona and Connie Fergusons however said Ndara’s allegations “paint a false picture that may mislead the public.”

They said they tried to negotiate with Ndara and her agent about her R700,000 demand for the role to no avail.

They acknowledged that Ndara had “every right to decline” their R110,000 offer, adding they could not meet her demand because of “contractual constraints.”

The couple disputed Ndara’s claim that Ferguson Films benefits from repeat broadcasts and licensing deals.

They said, “Just like the actors, the production company is not guaranteed work, whether the show is performing or not. We are pretty much in the same boat as the artist.

“We do not own the shows we produce under commission and therefore have no right or say in what happens with shows post final delivery to the broadcaster.”

Ferguson Films was not the production company at the time of Ndara’s mother’s passing, they added.

No explanation owed on lifestyle

In her letter, Ndara said producers claim they have no budgets but “unashamedly display on social media their exorbitant material acquisitions.”

However, the Fergusons said they have other business interests besides their production company.

“[They] do not owe anyone an explanation as to how they manage their finances and lifestyle. The jab from Ms Ndara is petty, unnecessary and uncalled for,” they wrote.

The couple said the production company works within a budget for which it has to account to the broadcaster. It only earns a markup at the end of production, they added.

Fergusons ‘threaten legal action’ against Vatiswa Ndara over ‘wrongful’ allegations

Ferguson Films is considering taking legal action against actress Vatiswa Ndara over “wrongful” allegations contained in her open letter, The Star reports.

Ferguson Films is owned by celebrity couple Shona and Connie Ferguson, who haven’t personally commented on the letter yet.

However, through their lawyer Brendan de Kooker, they indicated on Tuesday that they could take Ndara to court.

In response to questions from The Star, de Kooker said, “The allegations made in the letter regarding our client are wrongful and published with the intention of causing our client harm.

“Our instructions are to consider possible legal action against Ndara and as such our client elects to refrain from answering your questions.”

Ndara’s open letter

Ndara is popular for her role as NomaRussia in Mzansi Magic’s drama series iGazi, which Ferguson Films produces.

In her open letter to Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture Nathi Mthethwa on Monday, she said she had rejected an offer of R110,000 from Ferguson Films to continue her role on iGazi‘s Season 3.

The talented actress said this amount isn’t much because the contract entails “limitless calls.” This means she could be on set for 12 hours a day, Monday to Saturday.

In addition, Ndara said she would have earned R82,500 after tax while the production house and the channel “will continue to reap the financial benefits through repeat broadcasts, licensing deals and repackaging of the show.”

She called for a stakeholder engagement to discuss “concrete steps” such as establishment of an “independent central regulatory body to monitor the industry.”

Debate rages on social media

Ndara has received plenty of support from several celebrities on social media, including fellow actors Sello Maake kaNcube, Rami Chuene, Kgomotso Christopher, and Flo Masebe.

Kgomotso Christopher tweeted, “Good morning to everyone…except those of you trying to justify the continued exploitation of ARTISTS & CREW, and those in power refusing to sign the #PPAB…it’s Tuesday and STILL #IstandWithVatiswa.”

However, some have jumped to the defence of the Fergusons. One of them was businessman Gayton McKenzie.

He also tweeted, “Be strong @Connie_Ferguson and @Shona_Ferguson. You have made many stars shine brighter; you have given many people breaks in life. The movie industry like all industries needs to become better for Blacks; this is a South African problem.”

iGazi star Vatiswa Ndara rejects ‘daylight robbery’ S3 offer from Ferguson Films

iGazi star actress Vatiswa Ndara has rejected an offer from Ferguson Films to continue her role in the drama series’ Season 3.

Ndara made the revelation in a heartfelt open letter to the Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture Nath Mthethwa on Monday.

She said Ferguson Films offered her R110,000 before tax for five weeks of shooting. This amount would drop to R82,500 after tax, she said.

‘On set for 12 hours a day’

The talented actress said this amount isn’t much because the contract entails “limitless calls.” This means she could be on set for 12 hours a day, Monday to Saturday.

In addition, she would be unable to “seek further employment until this contract is concluded.” Some may therefore call this contract “daylight robbery,” she stated.

Ndara said while all she would get is R82,500, the production house and the channel “will continue to reap the financial benefits through repeat broadcasts, licensing deals and repackaging of the show.”

After two successful seasons, Ndara said she had expected an offer of at least R700,000. However, this figure “shocked the industry,” she added.

Not playing NomaRussia again

However, the actress didn’t back down. “Needless to say, I will not be portraying the character of NomaRussia on iGazi again,” she wrote.

Ndara added, “There appears to be a perception that actors should be grateful to be getting work in the first place, and in being grateful they should accept the same rates they were being offered in the early 2000s.”

Ndara called for a stakeholder engagement to discuss “concrete steps” such as establishment of an “independent central regulatory body to monitor the industry.”

In a tweet, Minister Mthethwa acknowledged receiving the open letter.

Fellow actors react

Ndara’s letter has drawn support from some of her fellow actors.

The Republic actress Flo Masebe tweeted, “We need more gatvol voices to call out the mess in the South African television industry. Thank you Vatiswa Ndara for your bravery. We have to stand with you. All of us.”

Fellow iGazi actor Anga Makubalo added, “Enkosi (thank you) Sis V let us pray that our cries will finally be heard.”

Mapimpi explains video that apparently shows him being sidelined from huddle

Rugby star Makazole Mapimpi has dispelled concerns of racism in the Springboks squad sparked by viral videos on social media.

The clips were taken soon after South Africa’s game against Italy at the Rugby World Cup on Friday.

They show a group of Boks players huddling together as Mampimpi approached. However, Mapimpi appeared to realise something before turning away from the group hug.

For some fans on social media, this suggested that the players huddling together were sidelining Mapimpi.

‘Players from the bench’

In a video he posted on Instagram on Saturday, Mapimpi explained that he wasn’t being sidelined at all.

He said the players seen in the huddle are usually introduced into the game from the bench and therefore have “their own thing going on” to motivate each other.

The star player said this group of players is known as the “bomb squad.”

As he was approaching them, he realised that they were motivating each other as usual after a game and he didn’t want to intrude, he added.

Mapimpi said this is the only reason he turned away, adding that there is nothing wrong in the Springboks squad as has been suggested on social media.

Fans react

Some fans were however still sceptical even after Mapimpi’s explanation. Instagram user thabiso_star23 replied, “I don’t buy this story. You won as collective so you have to celebrate as a collective.”

However, others such as former Generations actor Sidwell Ngwenya accepted Mapimpi’s account of what had transpired.

He tweeted, “So the dudes on the bench are called the ‘bomb squad?’ You learn something new everyday. Mapimpi has clarified everything. Let’s enjoy some rugby…”

Hopefully, South Africa will continue to rally behind the Boks as they face Canada in their final Group B game on Tuesday for a spot in the quarter finals.

Khaya Dlanga shares sad story of how Uber driver earned R27 a day

Popular author and marketing guru Khaya Dlanga has shared a sad story of how a Durban Uber driver earned just R27 a day for an entire week.

Dlanga shared the story on Twitter on Friday. He said the driver, whom he did not name, made just R3,200 throughout the week.

Of this, he had to pay the car’s owner R3,000, leaving him with just R200. “Which means he made just over R27 a day last week,” Dlanga wrote.

‘Absolutely no money’

Furthermore, the driver was about to ask Dlanga to pay cash instead of using his card because “he absolutely had no money.”

It all started when the driver stopped at a garage to pay R80 for fuel. When Dlanga offered to fill up the tank for him, he gratefully accepted before narrating just how difficult things are for him.

At some point, he parked his car and started asking people for money because he didn’t have enough gas. He had no luck; no one had money to give him.

Khaya Dlanga

Luckily, a client had paid cash on his last trip and that’s how he could pay R80 for fuel. A kind Dlanga sent the driver some extra cash via eWallet.

He also appealed to his followers to help Uber drivers if they are in a position to do so.

“The point I want to drive across is that let’s do what we can if we are able to for these Uber drivers because some of them are going through the most,” he wrote.

Dlanga’s followers react

Some of Dlanga’s Twitter followers praised him for his kindness. Keitumetse Phiri replied, “Bless your heart Khaya; this inspires some of us to also spread kindness wherever we go.”

Others wished to help the driver as well. “Can you DM me his number to eWallet him some cash to help?” replied @Mnorth011.

An Uber driver, Nkosana Mgomezulu, also shared the difficulties they face in his reply.

He wrote, “My brother, Uber partners and Uber drivers don’t make money anymore.

“Banks are taking cars left and right because we are charged high percentage and when you speak out Uber victimises you. The only thing we are doing is to make money for Uber.”

Another user, @matalane, shared how an Uber driver, despite his best efforts, has been unable to pay her for bumping into her car.

I needed to see this. I got bumped by an Uber driver and he offered to pay for the damages.

He’s been unable to pay & keeps promising that once he’s on feet he will reimburse me. It would have been easy for him to block me but he doesn’t. I’m writing it off.

Twitter user @matalane

Awww: Somizi gifts Mohale 100 roses for 100 hours of being his hubby

If there were any doubts what a hopeless romantic mega-entertainer Somizi Mhlongo is, he quashed them on Wednesday.

The Som Som has literally been counting hours since his glitzy traditional wedding with bae Mohale Motaung last weekend.

He dropped by Mohale’s workplace on Wednesday with one mission – to gift him 100 red roses.

The reason, you may ask? To appreciate Mohale for the 100 hours he has been his hubby so far.

A delighted Mohale shared a snap with the gorgeous bouquet of flowers on Instagram. He was literally swooning, to say the least.

“Bae came by my office to give me a hundred roses for a hundred hours of being his Husband. @somizi You’re amazing!” Mohale captioned the pic.

Mhlongo-Motaung and Motaung-Mhlongo

It appears the celebrity couple has taken on double-barrelled surnames after their famous wedding.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, Somizi wrote, “Good morning. From
Mr Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung and Mr Mohale Motaung-Mhlongo.”

The couple, popularly dubbed Somhale, also shared a snap of their first home-cooked meal as “husband and husband” on Tuesday evening.

What’s more, the lovebirds treated themselves to a day out at the spa on Monday.

Nevertheless, they seem to have put honeymoon plans on hold for now.

Somizi and Mohale’s traditional wedding was the stuff of fairytales and fans can’t wait for the white wedding scheduled for January next year.

Juju praises Somizi’s spectacular wedding: ‘We witnessed love in action’

Julius Malema has praised Somizi Mhlongo’s traditional wedding, referring to it as a “spectacular celebration.”

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader and his wife Mantwa Matlala-Malema attended the wedding on Saturday.

On Sunday evening, Malema, popularly dubbed Juju, shared snaps of the event on Twitter.

One of the photos showed him and Mantwa posing with the wedding couple, Somizi and his brand new husbae Mohale Motaung.

Malema looked dapper in a dark and gold-trimmed traditional outfit, as did Mantwa, who donned a resplendent red, off-the-shoulder dress.

In another pic, the Malemas posed with socialite and entertainer Khanyi Mbau and her bae Tebogo Lerole.

Juju and Mantwa also posed with star athlete Caster Semenya and her wife Violet Raseboya.

Somizi’s star-studded wedding

The Malemas were among dozens of celebrity A-listers who graced what is surely the traditional wedding of the year.

Other stars who attended include actress Pearl Thusi, radio presenter Thando Thabethe, and rapper Cassper Nyovest.

Both Somizi and Mohale shared breathtaking snaps of their big day on Instagram on Sunday.

It was a beautiful display of how South African cultures can blend, as Somizi, who is Zulu, emerged from Mohale’s parents’ home dressed in Sotho attire.

The couple went through multiple eye-catching outfits during the course of their wedding.

At one point, they looked regal in Egyptian-inspired outfits.

Mohale shared a pic of this stunning combo and simply captioned it, “A king and his king.”

Aren’t we all breathless folks? Love is indeed beautiful. We can’t wait for the couple’s white wedding. January come forth quick!

Somizi gets new name ‘Kganya’ from in-laws after dream traditional wedding

Mega entertainment star Somizi Mhlongo has a brand new name from his in-laws – Kganya (light in Sesotho).

Somizi’s husband, Mohale Motaung, made the revelation on Twitter on Sunday, a day after their dream traditional wedding.

He tweeted, “My parents gave my husband a new name: “KGANYA.”

Mohale also shared a stunning snap of himself and Somizi on Instagram.

He said while Somizi came to his parents’ home wearing Zulu regalia, he came out wearing “his new Sotho regalia.”

‘Mr and Mr’

Somizi and Mohale’s traditional wedding has been the buzz of Mzansi social media since Saturday, trending as #SomHaleTraditionalWedding.

Dozens of who-is-who in South Africa’s celebrity scene attended, including Pearl Thusi, Cassper Nyovest, and Khanyi Mbau.

SomGaga has been sharing fabulous snaps and videos of the glittering wedding on Instagram.

In one of them, he simply referred to himself and Mohale as “Mr and Mr.”

View this post on Instagram

Mr and Mr

A post shared by Somizi (@somizi) on

Fans want wedding broadcast

Meanwhile, fans of Somizi on social media are increasingly clamouring for a TV broadcast of the wedding.

One of them, Mmagwe Mpatsho, tweeted, “I truly hope that we are going to get an hour special ya Somhale wedding.”

Phumzile Mamba added, “Can we at least be pampered ka repeat live on TV? Because wow y’all were flames and you’ll remain flaming.”

Well, if SomHale’s traditional wedding was this good, the white wedding could be even better.

Plus, we could get to see it all on LTDW Somizi. Congratulations to the couple!

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