These are Post Office SASSA SRD payment dates for January 2022

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The new year is here and if you get your R350 SRD grant via the SA Post Office (SAPO), you need to find out what the SASSA SRD payment dates for January 2022 are.

As is usually the case, the first week of the month is reserved for payment of normal SASSA grants, such as old age pension, child and disability grants.

SAPO published a payment schedule last year which outlines SRD pay days. The schedule is arranged according to the last three digits of recipients’ ID numbers.

Post Office SASSA SRD payment dates for January 2022

R350 grant beneficiaries who receive the grant via the Post Office can find their SASSA SRD payment dates for January 2022 in the table below:

Payment dateLast 3 digits of ID number
3 JanuaryNo payment
4 JanuaryNo payment
5 JanuaryNo payment
6 JanuaryNo payment
7 JanuaryNo payment
10 January080 and 085
11 January081 and 086
12 January082 and 087
13 January083 and 088
14 January084 and 089
17 January080 and 085
18 January081 and 086
19 January082 and 087
20 January083 and 088
21 January084 and 089
24 January080 and 085
25 January081 and 086
26 January082 and 087
27 January083 and 088
28 January084 and 089
31 January080 and 085

To view or download the full schedule, visit the Post Office’s website here.

SRD grant as basis for Basic Income Grant

Meanwhile, an expert panel appointed by the government recommended in December last year that the R350 SRD grant should be used as a basis for a Basic Income Grant in South Africa.

According to the panel, the gradual implementation of a Basic Income Grant (BIG) should start with institutionalising the SRD grant, which is set to lapse in March.

The panel also said the government could use several options to finance the BIG, including limited debt financing, tax revenue improvements and “carefully calibrated” tax increases

There are discussions in government aimed at extending the R350 grant beyond March in some form, but nothing concrete has been confirmed so far.

At a media briefing in November last year, Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana said National Treasury would have to reallocate funds from other government programmes to fund an extension.

He further confirmed that an announcement in this regard will be made when he presents the budget in February.

More than 9.5 million South Africans have benefitted from the SRD grant so far. Overall, 27.8 million South Africans are on social grants, representing 46 percent of the population.

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