Here’s how to get your car licence renewal done faster

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The South African Post Office (SAPO) has revealed an easy way for motorists to get their car licence renewal done faster.

In a statement earlier this week, the Post Office said motorists can “significantly reduce transaction times” for motor vehicle licence renewal at SAPO branches by registering on the National Traffic Information System website (NATIS).

Speeding up your car licence renewal

“Motorists who are registered on the NATIS website will receive an SMS to remind them that they should renew their vehicle licences,” SAPO spokesperson Johan Kruger said. 

“The SMS, which contains reference numbers that speed up the renewal transaction, is sent the month before the licence renewal is due. Vehicle owners can also choose to receive a reminder with the same information through email.

“Presenting the SMS or printed renewal reminder eliminates a number of steps for the renewal transaction at a Post Office counter and saves a great deal of time.” 

To speed up the car licence renewal process, motorists can print the renewal notice and present it at a SAPO branch, he added.

How to register on NATIS for motor vehicle licence renewal

To register on the NATIS website and speed up your motor vehicle licence renewal, visit and click on “Online Services.”

Next, select your province and then click on “Vehicle Renewals” to register. You will need to provide your details, such as identification type (RSA ID document, Registration Number Certificate or Foreign ID Document) as well as surname and initials.

Once you complete the registration process, you will be able to download and print the notice, or to receive a renewal reminder SMS.

“In KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape, proof of address is required every second year and the safest option is to bring along proof of address when renewing your vehicle licence,” Kruger advised.

“Post Office branches offer a bulk drop-off and collect service for fleet renewals. This is impractical for private motorists, however, since there may be traffic fines outstanding that have to be paid first before the system allows the licence to be renewed.”

Remember, if a Post Office logo appears on a printed traffic fine, it can also be paid at any branch of the SA Post Office.

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