Universal branch codes and swift codes for all banks in South Africa

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You may wish to make or receive payments in South Africa from time to time and knowing details such as universal branch codes and international swift codes becomes crucial.

Fortunately, this information is readily available and we summarise it in this article below.

Bank universal branch codes in South Africa

Absa universal branch code

  • 632005

African Bank universal branch code

  • 430000

Bidvest Bank universal branch code

  • 462005

Capitec Bank universal branch code

  • 470010

Discovery Bank universal branch code

  • 679000

FNB universal branch code

  • 250655

FirstRand Bank universal branch code

  • 250655

Grindrod Bank universal branch code

  • 223626

Investec Bank universal branch code

  • 580105

Merchantile Bank universal branch code

  • 450105

Nedbank universal branch code

  • 198765

Old Mutual universal branch code

  • 462005

Sasfin Bank universal branch code

  • 683000

Standard Bank universal branch code

  • 051001

SA Post Bank (Post Office) universal branch code

  • 460005

TymeBank universal branch code

  • 678910

These codes are easy to memorise and therefore make it easy to conduct bank-to-bank transactions, especially when making or receiving payments from business associates or just friends and family.

They are also important for both employers and employees during salary payments. Remember to provide or enter the correct banking details alongside the code to avoid delays or other inconveniences.

As usual, inter-account transfers within the same bank is often immediate or takes a few hours. Transfers from one bank to another may however take longer – up to two business days.

In such cases, you can opt for immediate payment at a small fee, which you can confirm on your banking platform while making the payment.

International swift codes for banks in South Africa

If you’re receiving an international payment, it is important to provide the payer your South African bank’s swift (short for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) code.

Below are the codes for each bank.

Absa swift code


African Bank swift code


Bidvest Bank swift code


Capitec Bank swift code


Discovery Bank swift code


FNB swift code


FirstRand Bank swift code


Grindrod Bank swift code


Investec Bank swift code


Merchantile bank swift code


Nedbank swift code


Old Mutual swift code


Sasfin Bank swift code


Standard Bank swift code


SA Post Bank (Post Office) swift code


TymeBank swift code


Banks worldwide use swift codes to send secure messages to each other and facilitate international money transfers.

The code is used to identify a specific financial institution within the swift network to ensure that funds are directed to the correct bank.

Once you supply the correct code and bank account details, you can be sure to receive your international transfer without glitches if everything is in order. Details on how long international transfers take and the charges vary depending on the nature of the transactions and financial institutions involved.

Note: Post Bank uses the same swift code as Standard Bank, according to an official statement available here.

“The Standard Bank account number is 010547843, Branch Code 010045. The Bank concerned must send a message or reference together with the transfer telling Standard Bank that the money must be transferred to Postbank account (Customer’s account number) Branch Code 460005,” Post Bank states.

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