Daniel Baron announces new album ‘City of God & The Jungle Below’

Daniel Baron City of God and The Jungle Below
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Award-winning musical artiste Daniel Baron has announced a new concept album titled City of God & The Jungle Below, set for official release on 2 December 2021.

Baron, who has a string of stadium anthems and dance floor chart-toppers, has proven himself to be South Africa’s own bona fide multi-genre hitmaker for more than a decade.

His amazing profile includes 12 number one songs, three critically acclaimed albums and a long string of chart hits written and produced for numerous local acts.

Daniel Baron’s ‘City of God & The Jungle Below’

Now, the talented Baron describes his new album City Of God & The Jungle Below as “career-defining.” It features 25 new tracks set in a fictional post-apocalyptic world.

These songs tell a story both personal and universal, whilst showcasing some of the singer’s best vocal performances yet. “Now it’s time to release the album that I believe is the greatest body of work that I have created and possibly the greatest that I will ever create,” he says.

Baron’s experimental production sets the scene for an expansive and boldly unique sonic experience, from maximalist orchestral driven rock to intricate and futuristic electronic soundscapes. This is a concept album of biblical proportions that takes a cinematic journey through life’s different phases and states of being.

PAIN, PSYCHOSIS, FAITH, LOVE and HOPE are the thematic interludes that join the different song chapters to culminate in the finale of TRANSCENDENCE — a megacosm of the journey that humanity must embark on.

‘Jungle of life’

Baron explains, “The album is not only about my story. I believe that all people share this same story of journeying through this beautiful, scary, crazy jungle of life, eventually learning that it’s not all about us. We have to transcend our own egos and then give of ourselves to one another, to ultimately reach the City of God.”

The album, which has been five years in the making, is preceded by the high-powered inspirational single How To Feel, which is out now on all major digital music platforms.

The song, mastered by the Grammy-nominated Chris Gehringer, Stirling Sound and NJ (known for his work on the latest albums by OneRepublic, Dua Lipa and Lil Nas X), is about getting up again after a fall, and not being afraid to experience the good and the bad that life has in store for us.

Daniel adds, “Often we tend to numb ourselves and avoid possible failures or hurts that we may need to endure, but I believe that God made us to taste the sweet and the bitter that life hands us. We need to learn how to feel again before our time on earth is up.”

To drive the point home, the final refrain of the song repeats: “Take a sip from the cup, before your time is up.” To accompany the single, Daniel will release a large-scale, post-apocalyptic themed music video for the track on 26 November, which he believes perfectly sums up both the track and the theme surrounding the album.

To celebrate the launch of the album, Daniel will also be performing a live show with his band on 11 December. You can pre-save City Of God & The Jungle Below on all major digital music platforms here

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