SASSA SRD status: Update your details if you got married, changed surname

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If you have just got married or changed your surname, you need to update your details as soon as possible to avoid a declined R350 SASSA SRD status.

This is according to an alert the Agency issued to applicants of the grant on Wednesday (10 November).

Update your details to avoid declined SASSA SRD status

To ensure that their SRD status is not declined, grant clients “whose marital status changed after they applied for the grant are urged to update SASSA of the change,” the Agency tweeted.

It added, “Clients who got married or changed their surname at the Department of Home Affairs are urged to update SASSA of the change.

“SASSA validates the client’s information with the Department of Home Affairs monthly. If details do not match, the application for that period may be declined.”

To update your surname, visit the Agency’s SRD website here and scroll down until you see the heading “Request names and surname update.” Enter your ID number as well as your name and surname.

“Please ensure that you enter your ID Number, names and surname exactly as it appears in your South African green ID Document or on your Smart ID Card. Your names and surname will only be updated if it matches your details on the Department of Home Affairs database,” the website states.

SRD payment to inactive bank account

In another tweet on Wednesday (11 November), SASSA provided an update on SRD payments from the first cycle that bounced back because of inactive bank accounts.

“Did your funds from the first cycle of the special COVID-19 SRD grant bounce back due to an inactive bank account?” the Agency tweeted.

“SASSA has to reconcile bank statements to confirm receipt of the funds back from the bank before they can be regenerated for payment. This process will be completed by end of November 2021 and paybacks will be made.”

Applicants who have unclaimed payments from the first cycle have until 30 November 2021 to claim them at their nearest Post Office. If they don’t claim, the funds will be forfeited to the state to fund other government programmes.

To check if you have unclaimed funds from the first cycle, click here.

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