QUERIDO makes neon-lit comeback with new single ‘Gemini’ Ft. Sulene

Querido Sulene Gemini
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Multi-award-winning producer, composer and sound designer QUERIDO has dropped an infectious new single called Gemini in collaboration with the hugely talented synth-pop songstress Sulene.

QUERIDO, whose real name is Chris Querido, is something of a sonic shapeshifter. He has mastered electro-pop and house, as best displayed in his production contributions to afro-futuristic enigma, ZYO.

QUERIDO’s Gemini

QUERIDO has now returned, after a two-year hiatus following his debut single For Tonight, with Gemini, a deliciously indulgent modern synth-pop track that triggers your deep-seated desire to travel back to a more tubular time. 

Sulene – born in Cape Town, South Africa and based in Brooklyn, USA – has been around the block, painted the town various shades of red and taken (important) names, too.

She’s scored for film and television, performed everywhere from The Jimmy Kimmel Show to The White House, and her most recent single I Still Think You’re So Fake dominated 5FM’s Indie chart. 

In a yin-yang-like symbiosis, QUERIDO and Sulene’s pink-from-blue contrasting styles come together to blend a Stranger-Things-meets-Drive-esque retro synth sound with expert electro-pop sensibilities.

In their collaboration, Sulene sheds her haunting lyricism for something sweetly seductive, singing your most familiar fantasy in a way that just feels right.

Upcoming EP

Gemini also signifies a more determined return by QUERIDO with the announcement of an upcoming 5-track EP.

It would appear that world domination is all about timing, and Gemini poises QUERIDO to climb to the top of your feel-good summer playlist and strike for the heart. 

Gemini is out now on all major streaming platforms, and it’s the kind of song that you’ll want to save because we’ve all heard a good summer anthem, but when did you last feel one?

You can listen to Gemini on YouTube here. QUERIDO’s socials are listed below:

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