Nautica offers awesome boat party outfits for 2021: Check them out

Boat party outfits 2021
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The 2021 summer season in South Africa is here – and whether you’re going to board a chartered luxury yacht, attend an end-of-year function or prepare for a short cruise, having a cool boat party outfit is necessary.

Boat clothing standard is basically effortlessness and practicality. Being on a boat, whether in Durban or Cape Town, is relaxing and the structure of your outfit should reflect that. 

Cool boat party outfits from Nautica

The colours most associated with the nautical heritage are blue, white and red, so your boat party outfits for 2021 should ideally be in this range.

However, it shouldn’t be just any blue. The nautical colour blue is a dark rich blue or navy blue that makes for a dramatic contrast with white. It is the most classy and timeless nautical colour scheme and looks. Avoid black and dark colours in the heat of summer.

According to fashion brand Nautica, the key thing to focus on is fabric, which should be lightweight and breezy to suit the mood out in the sea.

So, whether you’re opting for a crisp white t-shirt or a button-down shirt paired with Men’s Beacon Chino Pants or Men’s Anchor Deck Shorts, your choice of style should feel resort-inspired and like you’re on a holiday. 

Add some accessories

Adding some accessories would be a nostalgic way to give a nod to your on-water venue. For instance, a pair of classic sunglasses and a cap would complete your perfect boat party outfit. 

You can find the Nautica collection via online shopping platform You can also follow them on Instagram via

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