How to transfer data on MTN, Vodacom, Telkom and Cell C

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Customers of South Africa’s mobile operators, including MTN, Vodacom, Telkom and Cell C, often want to know how to transfer data to their friends and loved ones.

Fortunately, all mobile operators have easy and straightforward ways to do this – and we outline the steps for each of them in this article.

How to transfer data on MTN

To transfer data on MTN, dial the USSD code *136*3# and select the Me2U option. “Please note the actual data won’t be transferred, but airtime will be used to purchase data for the other number,” MTN said in response to a customer on Twitter recently.

Another option is to use DataShare, which allows you to share data with your friends or family members. To set up DataShare, you first need to recharge your account with the data bundle you want to share.

Next, dial *136*5# and choose the “Manage Data Bundles” option (option 3). The next step is to select “DataShare” from the menu (option 3) to activate DataShare on your account.

The final step is to add the cellphone number of the person you wish to share your data with. That person will then have access to your data, including inclusive, once-off or monthly bundles.

How to transfer Vodacom data

To transfer Vodacom data to your loved one, first dial *135# and choose “Buy bundles and services” from the menu. Next, choose “Data bundles” followed by “For another number.”

You now need to enter the recipient’s cellphone number and choose the data bundle to transfer. “As a Prepaid or Top Up customer, you can only transfer bundles worth up to 80% of your airtime balance,” Vodacom says.

How to transfer Telkom data

To transfer Telkom data, simply dial the USSD code *180# on your cellphone and follow the prompts. According to Telkom, you can transfer 250MB, 500MB or 1GB of both Once-off or FreeMe bundles. However, there is a limit of 5GB per month.

How to transfer data on Cell C

To transfer data from one Cell C number to another, dial the USSD code *147# and follow the prompts. You can also use the Cell C app or log in to self-service on the internet to transfer.

Customers can send from both prepaid bundles or the inclusive data that is part of their bundles, according to Cell C.

If you want to ask someone to send you data, simply dial *112*1*[their Cell C phone number]# to send the request.

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