R350 SASSA payment dates: Post Office SRD pay days for November 2021

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Recipients of the R350 SASSA social relief of distress (SRD) grant who receive their funds from the Post Office can now know their payment dates for November 2021.

The Post Office published the schedule on its website earlier in 2021. It indicates SRD pay days covering the grant’s duration until March 2022 and is arranged according to the last three digits of beneficiaries’ ID numbers.

Post Office R350 SRD SASSA payment dates for November 2021

If you selected to receive your R350 SRD grant via the Post Office, the SASSA payment dates for November 2021 are indicated below:

Payment dateLast 3 digits of ID number
1 NovemberNo payment
2 NovemberNo payment
3 NovemberNo payment
4 NovemberNo payment
5 NovemberNo payment
8 November084 and 089
9 November080 and 085
10 November081 and 086
11 November082 and 087
12 November083 and 088
15 November084 and 089
16 November080 and 085
17 November081 and 086
18 November082 and 087
19 November083 and 088
22 November084 and 089
23 November080 and 085
24 November081 and 086
25 November082 and 087
26 November083 and 088
29 November084 and 089
30 NovemberNo payment

To view or download the full schedule, visit SAPO’s website here. In case you wish to view November dates for normal SASSA social grants, click here.

Wait for SMS before visiting Post Office on SRD pay day

Meanwhile, the Post Office has urged SRD grant recipients to wait for an SMS confirming that their grant is available for collection before visiting its branches, Pick n Pay or Boxer stores on their pay day.

In a statement on Tuesday (26 October), SAPO said, “If you chose a bank account or cash send as your payment method, you will receive the money through the bank you chose, and you cannot go to one of the supermarkets.  

“Beneficiaries who have received the SMS and who choose to withdraw their grant from a Pick n Pay or Boxer supermarkets must also have their cellphones and identity document with them.  

“The grant will not be available if you try to collect it before you have received an SMS. The SA Post Office has become aware of large numbers of beneficiaries who try to withdraw their R350 SRD grant before receiving their SMS.”

SAPO added that only the recipients who chose to receive their grants from the Post Office have the option of also collecting it from Pick n Pay or Boxer stores.   

“The first week of every month is set aside for paying our old age, disability and child grants. During this week, SRD R350 grants cannot be paid out,” it added.

Beneficiaries who have approved but unclaimed SRD grants from the first cycle (May 2020 to April 2021) can also collect them at the Post Office before 30 November 2021.

“Payments not withdrawn by any beneficiary by 30 November 2021 will be forfeited to the state to fund other government priorities,” SASSA said earlier this month.

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