Cara Frew inspires hope with breezy new anthem ‘Rise’

Cara Frew Rise
Cara Frew. Image credit: The Platinum Club

Local pop sensation Cara Frew returns with new music this week as she premieres her new summer anthem Rise – a song about overcoming adversities and coming out stronger on the other side.

The song was produced by American hitmaker Abraham Dertner before local musician and producer Daniel Baron added the final production elements back in South Africa.

Inspiration for Cara Frew’s ‘Rise’

The SAMA-nominated artiste, who has also performed at the infamous Coachella Music Festival in the states, originally penned Rise two years ago with an intended message of hope and strength for survivors of abuse. 

Rise began with a journal entry in Johannesburg before it travelled to Los Angeles where it was re-worked with multi-platinum songwriter and artiste Lauren Dyson.

With the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic bringing uncertainty, vulnerability, distress and the need to evolve into the lives of so many, Cara believes that the world needs to hear the song’s powerful message now more than ever.

On Rise, Cara showcases her signature smooth vocals driven by acoustic guitar rhythms. She explains that the acoustic guitar and stripped back aspects of the song represents how we are often laid bare and vulnerable to the world.

“Even in these moments when we are exposed, we should never be ashamed, never lose hope nor strength and see vulnerability as a place from which to grow from,” she explains.

Courage to speak out

Cara adds that she opted to create an upbeat track to represent one overcoming their demons and having the courage to speak out as a form of healing, standing up for oneself and others, accepting our past, finding a way in which to triumph over our challenges and inspire others who may face the same battles.

“In the end, Rise celebrates how we are not alone and that we can and we will rise again, together,” the talented singer explains.

With its weight in meaning, the creative process took a little longer than expected because Cara, the perfectionist that she is, wanted to make sure that the emotion she felt in her heart was passionately and accurately expressed in every aspect of the song. 

With so many important elements playing their part in the song, Cara knew that she would have to put just as much thought into the track’s music video as she did into every part of the song itself.

“I wanted Rise to have a real, raw, close to home feeling so I brought my friend Graeme Swanepoel in to shoot the music video at my home in Johannesburg on my iPhone,” she explains. “I really wanted to create visuals that looked like flashbacks into memories and I am so proud of the final result.”

Cara Frew’s Rise is now available on all major digital music platforms now. Download or stream it here. Watch the music video on YouTube here.

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