Awesome tech gifts to consider for your loved one this festive season

Festive season tech gifts
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While it may seem like October is too early to be talking about festive season gift buying, “far from it,” says Jaco Joubert brand manager for high-end television company SKYWORTH. The events of the last two years have taken a major toll on the retail industry. Several resulting issues, such as transportation delays, could affect how quickly you’ll be able to get a range of products, from kids toys to tech.

When the world’s manufacturers came back online after months of lockdown, there was a surge in products that were ordered and the limited amount of capacity of ships, trucks, warehouses, and the infrastructure that exists can’t handle the volume. Even with the supply chain issues, the demand isn’t slowing down and sales are expected to grow by 7 percent, according to a recent KPMG survey.

That’s why, the sooner you can start shopping, the better. “While we don’t expect our consumers to go home TV-less this holiday season, it is encouraged that you get in there early with your shopping, especially when it comes to big ticket tech items.”

Tech gift ideas for this festive season

Of all the smart devices, TVs, and Bluetooth-connected gadgetry out there, the following ideas make the best gifts for any tech lover you may be shopping for this festive season:

Bluetooth smart pen and notebook set 

Brilliant thoughts come easier when there’s pen and paper in hand. Plus, when those thoughts can be uploaded onto digital devices from said pen and paper, brilliance will be an everyday occurrence.

3-in-1 Phone UV Sanitiser & Fast Wireless Charger 

Keep your phone clean and charged while at home or when you travel.

Smart diffuser lamp 

Softly emitting a golden light and diffused scents, this lamp sets the cosiest mood for a night in.

Temperature control smart mug 

Coffee tastes better hot, and this smart mug will keep it that way for up to an hour and a half per charge. The intuitive Ember app allows a coffee drinker to adjust the degrees to best suit their preference, and alter settings for espresso, tea and more.

Noise cancelling ear buds 

Noise-cancelling earbuds will provide your teen with a brand-new way to drown you out.


What would the festive season be without feel-good Christmas movie marathons? Know someone with a new TV on their wish list? Or just feel like spoiling yourself? Then this is the ultimate tech gift. The SUD9300F available in 50, 55 and 65” comes with Android 10 built in, Far Field Voice Control, access to the Google Play Store, improved hardware and speed, larger memory, AIoT, Cast Play and Two-Way Bluetooth Transmission, amongst many other first-class features. 

Robot vacuum 

Life doesn’t get much better than bossing a robot around—and then being able to trust that robot to keep at it, because, no one should be worried about sweeping and mopping come the festive season.

Air fryer 

Does not putting in any effort at all appeal to the person on your list? Are they absolutely sick of thinking of meals to make at home? Do they want to eat fries but also feel healthy? Then the best gift for them is an air fryer.

Wireless charger 

Nothing takes a space from streamlined to cluttered faster than a jumble of wires. Plus, an unruly nest of cords can make it extremely difficult to grab your charger and take it on the go. Add style points to desks with this perfect gift for tech lovers: a compact charging pad that ups your battery life in a futuristic way.

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