SASSA explains R350 SRD status meanings and what applicants must do

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As applicants for the R350 SRD grant continue checking the status of their applications, the SA Social Security Agency (SASSA) has issued a poster explaining the meaning behind each status.

The Agency shared the poster on its social media pages on Tuesday (14 September).

R350 SRD status meanings

Below is a summary of SRD status meanings and what the applicant must do as explained by SASSA:

Application complete

This means that the applicant has completed the reapplication process and will be verified each month for the R350 SRD grant. He/she should therefore check their verification and payment status each month on the SASSA website. You can read more about how to check your status here.

Bank details pending

This means that while SASSA has received an application or reapplication, it has not received banking details or preferences. The applicant should therefore submit banking details to the Agency via its website.

Reapplication pending

When this status shows, it means that SASSA has not received an application or reapplication. The client should thus submit an application via the website.

[Month] pending

This means that verification of the application for that month is pending. For instance, “Aug pending” means that verification of the application for August is pending. The applicant should check back later for an update.

[Month] approved

The application was approved for that particular month. For instance, “Aug approved” means that the application was approved for the August period.

The applicant should therefore check the pay day field for an indication of when they will receive their funds. If no pay day value is provided, not payment has been processed as yet.

[Month] declined

This means that the application for that particular month was declined and the reason has been provided. For instance, “Aug declined” means that the application for August was declined.

The applicant can submit an appeal or reconsideration request via the SASSA website should they feel that the reason is invalid. You can read a guide on submitting an appeal here.

View SASSA’s poster as shared on Twitter below:

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  1. Hello last year I was the one who applied for Sassa 350 it was saying pending until this year I reapplying again it still says pending why because I’m not working.

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