Mila Smith’s musical star shines with new power ballad ‘Reassemble Myself’

Mila Smith Reassemble Myself
Mila Smith. Image credit: Ian Bredenkamp Media

After the success of her debut single Liars & Fakes, South Africa’s teen star Mila Smith has returned with a powerful new ballad titled Reassemble Myself.

In this new single, Mila showcases her impressive vocal abilities and cements herself as a force to be reckoned with in the South African music industry and beyond.

Inspiration for Mila Smith’s ‘Reassemble Myself’ 

Asked about the inspiration for the song and its title, Mila Smith explains, “Reassemble Myself is a power ballad essentially about feeling like you have to break yourself down and reassemble yourself, in order to be perfect in somebody else’s eyes. Its title corresponds to its meaning.” 

Paired with an equally beautiful music video shot by Butterfly Films, Mila couldn’t be happier with the final product and believes it captures the essence of what the single is all about.

“In the video, you see me dressed in different outfits. The deeper meaning behind this links back to the song’s overall theme of trying and not being enough for somebody,” she explained.

“There is a lavish ‘carnival’ outfit, representing how I am going above and beyond for this person, then there are more casual outfits like a tracksuit, representing how I’m trying to be my truest self for them. Yet, no matter my efforts, I keep on having to break myself down and reassemble myself- and it is never enough.”

Resonate with the song 

The talented artiste adds, “I hope that people can resonate with the song. I write based on my own experiences and emotions, yet despite this, I know I am not the only one who has felt the emotions portrayed in the song.”

When it comes to choosing between her upbeat songs versus ballads, Mila finds it difficult. “I can say though that ballads are the direction my music usually goes in. I’m inclined to write sad, emotional songs – but that doesn’t mean there won’t ever be another pop bop in the future!” she says. 

Between juggling high school and a music career, Mila gives credit to her solid support system that helps her maintain the balance, adding, “My school is very understanding about my busy schedule and my family (my mom in particular) is always there to help.

“The key also lies in knowing your limits and not being afraid to say no. Also setting aside some time for yourself to relax.” 

You’ll be hearing more from this powerhouse talent as Mila promises lots more music is on the way! “There are various songs that are yet to be released, so watch the space! Can’t wait to share them with everyone,” she vows. 

Watch the music video for Reassemble Myself on YouTube here. The track is out now on all major digital platforms. Keep up to date with Mila Smith on social media: 

  • @iammilasmith on Instagram.
  • @milasmithmusic on Facebook.
  • @iammilasmith on TikTok & Twitter.

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