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LG SN11 soundbar
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When it comes to setting up the ultimate home cinema, it’s not only about the size of your display or having high resolution – sound quality can make or break a movie experience too.

It sets the mood and quality of a movie, building on emotions through romantic, heart-melting scenes, or giving an adrenaline rush with suspenseful action sequences. Like the two notes from Jaws, or the epic humming of the lightsabres in Star Wars, great sound will make a movie unforgettable. And with all of today’s ground-breaking innovations in sound technology, any household can enjoy more immersive, cinema-quality surround sound.

True 3D audio: LG SN11 soundbar

Gone are the days when you needed five to seven bulky speakers (and all the wires that they come with) to set up surround sound in your living room. Today, soundbars, such as LG’s SN11, use the latest tech to deliver 7.1.4 channels of sound (that’s seven normal channels, one dedicated subwoofer, and four additional height channels) all from one place.

Installation is faster, simpler and more cost effective than conventional surround sound systems, and it delivers even better sound quality. The SN11 soundbar is a stylish addition to your home cinema, with a brushed metal-style finish and a slim design that easily fits into any home.

LG’s SN11 soundbars, a CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honouree in the audio category, come with DTS:X and Dolby Atmos, an object-based surround sound format that has revolutionised surround sound by enabling true 3D audio.

Traditional surround sound systems can only make sound move left to right, or forwards and backwards. Dolby Atmos adds height to the spatial dimensions of a sound system, allowing individual sounds also to be placed overhead.

Soundbars achieve this by using up-firing speakers that bounce the sound off the ceiling and back to the listener, creating the illusion of height and making it feel as though you’re in the middle of a movie scene and you can hear where every individual noise is coming from.

Dolby Atmos also prioritises certain details to create even more realistic sound. It can recognise up to 118 unique sound objects and place them individually across the soundscape, meaning that sounds, such as voices, instruments, or sound effects, are more isolated and distinguishable.

Additionally, LG’s SN11 soundbars produce sounds at a higher bitrate (which means better audio quality) and leverage Meridian Audio, a pioneering audio technology that uses psychoacoustic tuning to make sound far more realistic.

This plays on the psychological principles of how we perceive sound, and uses Digital Signal Processing to align high, mid and low sound frequencies, and reproduce sounds more accurately. Meridian Audio can also upmix two-channel stereo content to transform it into more immersive, 3D sounds – so you can hear all of your old favourite movies as though they were mixed in 7.1 surround sound.

More innovation to look forward to

Modern sound systems are not only able to produce more powerful and realistic audio, but they are also becoming more integrated with other devices, with a variety of useful smart features that make life easier. With the LG Sound Bar App and LG’s SN11 and SN7 soundbars, it’s easy to set up and control various functions and sound effects.

LG’s XBOOM Bluetooth speakers also make surround sound more accessible, and you can connect up to 100 of them with each other for the ultimate multichannel sound system.

It’s clear that sound technologies are advancing rapidly, and today, anyone can set up a cinema-class surround sound system in their living room with minimal effort. Movie lovers should keep an eye out for these innovations, or they might be missing out on a transformative cinema audio experience.

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