3 easy ways to do SASSA SRD status check after application

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Once you have made your application, the next step is to do a SASSA SRD status check to confirm that everything is alright or if you’re required to take further steps.

Luckily, there are three ways ways to do this, according to a post-application process poster shared by SASSA on Twitter this week.

You can either check your SRD application status online, via WhatsApp or by calling a dedicated call centre number. We explain the specific steps for each option below.

SASSA SRD status check online

To check your SRD grant application status online, simply visit the SRD portal here and scroll down the page until you see the sub-heading “Application status.”

Next, click on the yellow tab that says “Click here to check online.” A new page, whose link is https://srd.sassa.gov.za/sc19/status, will load.

You will need to provide your South African ID number as well as the cellphone number you used to apply for the grant. Next, click “Submit” to view your application status.

How to check your SRD application status via WhatsApp

To perform an SRD status check via WhatsApp, add the number 082 046 8553 as a contact on your phone. Next, open your WhatsApp and send a message to this number.

Similarly, you will be required to provide your ID number and cellphone number you used during the application process to view your status.

Checking SRD status via call centre

You can also inquire about your SRD status by calling the SASSA call centre on 0800 60 10 11. Be sure to have your ID number and cellphone number ready once you get through to a SASSA agent.

The function for applicants to check their application status is now finally active after several days of being unavailable in recent weeks. The unavailability was caused by heavy website traffic, according to a SASSA statement last week.

“This function has not been available, because SASSA has kept the channels open to cope with the high number of applications being received. Please bear with us for any inconvenience this might have caused,” the Agency said at the time.

Some applicants have also take to social media to confirm that the status portal is now active.


  1. I did my application on a 11august but still am not being paid yet..it says pending..but why bcoz am not getting/earning nothing 😩

  2. It seems all the rejected applications are redirected inti the pockets of tge sassa workers why would they say uif registered butbthe guy has neva worked in his life

    • Don’t worry Irene. You will get a payment date. Just be patient. Sassa is rather busy at the moment. Best wishes and have an awesome day.

  3. Hi I have applied and get sms that my application is successful but on the 23 September I recieved an sms of decline due to some income I recieve and I’m unemployed I recieved not any income.

  4. How can I change my phone number to a new one?
    I lost my old number and I can’t do SIM swap please help 🙏

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