Lungi Naidoo releases music video for Afrobeats-flavoured single ‘Feel Good’

Lungi Naidoo Feel Good
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Talented South African singer and songwriter, Lungi Naidoo, has released the official music video for her new Afrobeats-flavoured single Feel Good.

The video is lively and imaginative – a perfect match for Lungi’s catchy single. It is executive-produced and directed by Anna Telford from leading Cape Town-based production company Butterfly Films.

How video for Lungi Naidoo’s ‘Feel Good’ came about

Commenting on the music video, Telford said, “When I first heard Lungi’s joyous, vibey and defiant song, I immediately connected with it. It’s the message we want all women to hear. It’s the song I want to hear on my own lips as I grow as a woman in a man’s world. It’s a song I want to hear my own daughter sing. 

“Lungi’s lyrics are a gift to us all. For me Lungi’s song represents a woman’s journey from suppression and insecurity to a glorious, empowered revival. I chose to interpret this by having Lungi interact with a younger version of herself, gently encouraging her out of her cocoon, through life’s challenges until she is finally bold enough to shine in all her glory.”

Lungi added, “The concept for the music video was simple – it’s little Lungi growing up and becoming a woman in the music industry. The ballet dancer in a cocoon represents me and how tough it was, but if you stay strong and stick it out you can end up a butterfly.

“In the song, there’s a line that says, ‘All my Queens they matter,’ and we had these beautiful dancers to celebrate women and generational love, from my generation showing love to the next generation and that’s the whole story behind the Feel Good music video.”

Talking about working with Butterfly Films, she added, “Anna has been the most amazing person for me to work with and every single person on the set wanted to be there and it felt amazing.”

‘COURAGE’ EP set for release

Feel Good is the first single taken from Lungi Naidoo’s forthcoming EP COURAGE, which is set for release on 24 September across all DSPs. 

The Afrobeats-flavoured single was co-written by acclaimed Ghanaian producer and artiste GuiltyBeatz, who is best known for his hit AKWAABA; London-based Zimbabwean artiste Donel Mangena; and UK producer and songwriter Dantae Johnson.

Reflecting on the significance of the lyrics, Lungi said, “This song is about me, in every way. Sometimes when you’re down, you’ve got to envision your happiness as if you are already in that space. This song is about me giving praise in advance for all the blessings I am going to receive. To own one’s Queendom and feel good about it unapologetically. Feel Good represents joy, happiness and being triumphant.”

The forthcoming COURAGE EP was co-written, recorded and produced by Dantae Johnson at The Woods Studios in London and mixed and executive-produced by Pete ‘Boxsta’ Martin at the Matrix Studio complex.

Addicted was produced by Tega at Blues Steam Entertainment Studio in Lagos, Nigeria. Lungi recorded all the vocals at the Sound Foundry studio in Cape Town with Greg Abrahams.

After a 20-year journey in the music industry, Lungi’s hope for her tenacious EP COURAGE is that it helps someone out there who may have given up because she wants them to know that they matter and that their story, no matter what the circumstance, matters.

Watch the music video for Feel Good on YouTube here

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