Here are Post Office SASSA SRD payment dates for September 2021

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The SA Post Office (SAPO) has published SASSA SRD payment dates for September 2021 for those who have chosen to receive their R350 grants via its branches.

The schedule contains payment dates covering the grant’s duration until March 2022. It is arranged according to the last three digits of recipients ID numbers.

SASSA SRD payment dates for September 2021 for Post Office

If you selected to be paid your R350 grant via the Post Office, the SASSA SRD payment dates for September 2021 are as follows:

Payment dateLast 3 digits of ID number
1 September081 and 086
2 SeptemberNo payment
3 SeptemberNo payment
6 SeptemberNo payment
7 SeptemberNo payment
8 SeptemberNo payment
9 September082 and 087
10 September083 and 088
13 September084 and 089
14 September080 and 085
15 September081 and 086
16 September082 and 087
17 September083 and 088
20 September084 and 089
21 September080 and 085
22 September081 and 086
23 September082 and 087
24 SeptemberNo payment
27 September084 and 089
28 September080 and 085
29 September081 and 086
30 September082 and 087

To view the full schedule with all the months ahead (until March 2022) on SAPO’s website, click here. To view the payment dates for the rest of August, click here.

SASSA announced on Wednesday (25 August) that it had started paying out the grant to approved beneficiaries, adding that it had received more than 8.9 million applications as of 18 August.

President Cyril Ramaphosa announced the reinstatement of the SRD grant in July and applications opened on 6 August. 41 percent of the applicants so far are males, while 59 percent are female.

How payments are channelled

“Payments of this grant are channelled through direct deposits into approved beneficiaries’ bank accounts, mobile money transfers through cellphones and through the South African Post Office,” SASSA said.

“To avoid overcrowding at Post Offices during payment of approved recipients, a joint strategy was put in place by SASSA and SAPO. The last three digits of approved beneficiaries’ identity numbers will be used for payment collection on a specific day of the week. 

“This will help minimise the spread of the COVID-19 infections and allowing for social distancing on pay days. Most importantly, if a person has not received an SMS from SASSA notifying them that the grant is available for collection, it means the grant is not available yet.

“In other words, every approved applicant must first wait for an SMS confirming that the grant is available before approaching the Post Office.”

The Agency urged beneficiaries not to visit the Post Office just to check if the grant is available. “The grant will not be available if it is not the day of the week when SAPO uses the last three digits of your ID number to pay,” it emphasised.

“The function for all applicants to start checking their status on the system will be available later this week. This function has not been available because SASSA has kept the channels open to cope with the high number of applications being received. Please bear with us for any inconvenience this might have caused.”

Finally, it said SAPO will not pay the R350 grant during public holidays, weekends and when normal monthly social grants payments take place. 

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