Jamie-Lee Sexton’s new single ‘We Need To Talk:’ A real heart to heart with herself

Jamie-Lee Sexton We Need to Talk
Jamie-Lee Sexton. Image credit: The Platinum Club

Soon after dropping her catchy pop hit It’s True, which is currently charting on multiple radio stations across South Africa, Jamie-Lee Sexton is back with a brand-new new single We Need To Talk.

This is the second release off the star’s upcoming EP Medicine Woman, which is set to release later this year.

Jamie-Lee Sexton’s ‘We Need To Talk’ – what it’s about

On We Need To Talk, Jamie-Lee Sexton goes back to basics. This simple, yet meticulously crafted, pop song is powerfully driven by her signature voice that commands attention from the start.

The song was inspired by a powerful heart to heart Jamie had with herself. “Lyrically, the song is about a conversation between two characters expressing their deepest feelings, needs, fears and desires,” She explains.

“But for me, the words are a conversation with my past and my future self. Everyone has sent or received a We Need To Talk text and I hope everyone sees their story in this song.”

Jamie-Lee wears her heart on her sleeve weaving in her raw and heartfelt lyrics and emotional, yet unapologetic, vocal delivery to create something that is bound to tug at the heart strings of listeners.

Pushing creative boundaries

Always been one to push her creative boundaries, Jamie-Lee steps outside of her comfort zone when it comes to the sonic direction she has taken on the track.

Produced by the talented and creative Daniel Baron, the song’s experimental guitar and provocative clap-driven, heart-thumping beats bring everything together.

As multiple explosive melodic hooks are revealed, the track is set to keep listeners hooked until the very last note.

“We set out to make a beat with real organic sounds and I wanted that beat to be felt right in the chest, the same way I felt when I was writing the song,” Jamie-Lee says of the production. 

A multi-faceted artiste, Jamie-Lee plays an array of instruments. On the track, she specifically focuses on creating unique sounds on guitar, as she continues to showcase what an exceptional musician she is.

We Need To Talk is now available on all major digital music platforms now. You can download or stream it here.

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