How to cancel subscription on MTN, Vodacom, Cell C, Telkom

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Sometimes, mobile subscribers need to cancel subscriptions on MTN, Vodacom, Cell C or Telkom mobile for various reasons, including loss of airtime for content service they can’t remember signing up for.

Most of these services are provided by Wireless Application Service Providers (WASP). Learn how to cancel these subscriptions in case you no longer wish to have them.

How to cancel subscription on MTN

To cancel an unauthorised subscription on MTN, simply dial *136*5# and select option 2 (content services).

Next, select option 2 (manage premium-rated services), followed by option 2 (charges). The final step is to select option 1 (block premium-rated services charges).

Other USSD codes you can use to check if you’re subscribed to any WASPs include *464*970# or *156*12# or *123*10#.

How to cancel subscription on Vodacom

To cancel a subscription on Vodacom that you did not sign up for, dial *135*997# and select option 1 to see which services you are subscribed to.

You will see three options: “View and Stop Content Services,” “Stop All” and either “Block” or “Unblock.”

In case you wish to unsubscribe from all services, dial *135*997# and select option 2. Alternatively, you can SMS the words “Stop All” to 31050. Bear in mind that this will cancel your Add to Bill services as well.

You can also use the My Vodacom app by logging in and selecting “More” from the menu at the bottom of the screen.

Next, select “Content Service” to see a list of your active subscriptions where you can cancel individual services or all of them. There is also an option for blocking future services.

How to cancel subscription on Cell C

To cancel a subscription on Cell C, simply dial the USSD code *133*1#. This code will also block future unauthorised subscriptions or billings.

How to cancel subscription on Telkom

To cancel an unauthorised subscription on Telkom mobile, you would need to use the Telkom app. Log in and find “My Products.” Next, select “Manage” and then “Protect Your Mobile Number.” Set the toggle to “On.”

To manage your premium content subscription, select “My Products” followed by “Subscriptions” and then “Content Services.” Alternatively, you may dial 180 and follow the prompts.

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