Here are the Gold Reef City prices for 2021

Gold Reef City prices
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Families and theme park fans in Gauteng are often drawn to Gold Reef City and naturally, there is great interest in what the prices are for 2021.

According to its website, the theme park promises one price for “endless thrills” as of 1 April 2021. The tickets are available via online bookings only after the park temporarily stopped gate purchases.

Gold Reef City prices 2021

Here are the Gold Reef City theme park ticket prices in 2021:

Theme park general admissionPrice
General admissionR200 per person
Gold Rewards cardholder general admissionR180 per person
Platinum Rewards cardholder general admissionR170 per person
Black Rewards cardholder general admissionR160 per person

Prices for group bookings are as follows:

Theme park group bookingsPrice
1-50 peopleR200 per person
51-200 peopleR190 per person
201-700 peopleR185 per person
701-1,500 peopleR180 per person

Prices are for the whole day and include all rides. Key attractions include “18 thrilling theme park rides, 13 other interactive attractions and now not 13, but 23 dedicated kiddies’ rides.”

Visitors can look forward to a 4D Theatre experience, the Trampoline Park – Jump City, Storm Chaser, legendary Tower of Terror, Balloon Ride and lessons on Johannesburg’s mining history, among others.

“And here’s the best part… all of this – and the priceless moments of joy, laughter, fear and adrenalin – for only R200 per person. It’s a new one-price-fits-all, super-value, book-online-only experience, right on your doorstep!” the theme park states.

Free birthday entry

In case it’s your birthday, simply present your valid ID card, birth certificate, passport or driver’s licence and you’ll get free entry.

“Should your birthday fall on a day the park is closed (Monday – Wednesday currently), you can visit the park on the Sunday closest to your birthday only!” Gold Reef City advises.

The park is currently open from Thursday to Sunday every week and is open on all public holidays except Christmas Day.

Operating hours are from 09h30 until 17h00. It is advisable to always check the website before leaving home.

For more information and online booking, visit the Gold Reef City theme park website here.

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