SARS vacancies 2021: Taxman is hiring 370 specialists, 200 recent graduates

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If you are a specialist or recent graduate in the finance field, there are hundreds of SARS vacancies in 2021 that you could apply for.

On Saturday (27 March), the SA Revenue Service (SARS) announced a major recruitment drive to hire 370 highly skilled and experienced specialists.

In addition, the taxman aims to hire 200 recently graduated South Africans to fill vacancies mainly in tax, customs, chartered accounting, legal and audit areas.

“SARS is preparing for a future where increasingly our work will be informed by data driven insights, self-learning computers, artificial intelligence and interconnectivity of people and devices,” the Service said.

“Mindful of this, we are evolving our workforce to prepare for this exciting changed and changing world of work. Whilst we continue to develop our own employees, we invite talented and passionate executives, who share our strong public service ethos and unmistakeable commitment to improving the material conditions and wellbeing of all South Africans.”

SARS vacancies 2021

SARS is looking for specialists to fill vacancies in the following areas in 2021:

  • Information technology.
  • Data management.
  • Audit and risk.
  • Investigations specialists and auditors with a specific focus on tax evasion and related matters.
  • Legal specialists and consultants.
  • Governance, risk and compliance, mainly specialists in trust practice, research and analysis, strategy and advisory, and interpretive tax police and compliance.

Other vacancies available at SARS include:

  • Head: Leveraged Legal Products (Tax and Customs).
  • Head: Enterprise Strategy and Planning.
  • Head: Media and Public Interaction.
  • Chief Technology and Innovation Officer.
  • Chief Data Scientist.
  • Director, High Wealth Individuals.
  • Product & Process Leader: Corporate Income Tax.
  • Product & Process Leader: Other Taxes.
  • Product & Process Leader: Value Added Tax.
  • Senior Specialist: Remuneration and Benefits.
  • Senior Specialist: Employee Value Proposition (EVP).
  • Project Leaders.
  • Research Analysts.
  • Social Scientists.
  • 200 graduates mainly in the following disciplines: Tax, Customs, CAs, Legal and Audit.

How to apply

SARS invited interested individuals to apply via the recruitment page on its website. Clicking on the “Click here to apply” link under “What’s new?” will redirect applicants to SARS’ career opportunities page.

Applicants can then search and choose their preferred job and view its location as well as education and experience requirements. Application is done online and applicants need to create an account and sign in.

For more information, read/download this step-by-step guide for applying for SARS vacancies.

“Our Vision 2024 is to build a smart modern tax authority with unquestionable integrity, trusted by government, the public and our international peers,” SARS said.

“Our Strategic Intent is ‘to develop a tax and customs system based on Voluntary Compliance, and where required, enforce responsibly and decisively.'”

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