Samsung Galaxy A52 and A72 unveiled: Specs and price in South Africa

Galazy A52 and A72 specs price South in Africa
Image credit: Samsung South Africa

Samsung South Africa unveiled the Samsung Galaxy A52 and A72 smartphones last week and naturally, prospective users want to know their specs and price in South Africa.

Samsung strives to give consumers what they want and need most. That’s why we set out with a vision for the Galaxy A series to democratise Galaxy innovations for everyone,” Justin Hume, Director: Integrated Mobility at Samsung South Africa, said.

“These new devices encapsulate the Galaxy brand philosophy with cutting-edge innovations, services and features at a reasonable price.”

Samsung Galaxy A52 and A72 specs

According to Samsung South Africa, the latest Galaxy A series comes with exciting specs as summarised below:


A 64MP high-resolution quad camera promises vivid and crisp photos and videos. Users can turn their favourite moments in 4K videos into 8MP high-resolution images using 4K Video Snap. 

In addition, Scene Optimizer “uses AI to shoot with optimal settings for 30 categories of images and backgrounds such as food, landscapes and pets,” Samsung South Africa says.

Optical Image Stabilisation (OSI) and Night Mode, which uses multi-frame processing, enable optimal image and video captures even in the dark.

“Add style and unique flair to content using AR Emoji and My Filter. Additionally, you can now apply AR Lenses from Snapchat with Fun Mode when snapping content from the native camera app,” the company adds.


In addition to Samsung’s Super AMOLED display, the new Galaxy A series comes with 90Hz and 800nits luminance “to make the scrolling experience even smoother.”

Samsung adds, “The display is also ‘Eye Care’ certified, and automatically adjusts the display’s colour temperature based on smartphone usage patterns to reduce eye fatigue with ‘Eye Comfort Shield.'”

Samsung Galaxy ecosystem

Galaxy A52 and A72 users can connect their various devices, such as wearables, tablets, PCs and TVs, in one smart home environment using SmartThings.

Music Share also syncs a phone with a friend’s device to share music without speaker pairing. Furthermore, users can pair their phones with two sets of Galaxy Buds devices and listen together with Buds Together.

Quick Share and Private Share also enable hassle-free photo and video sharing without size limitation to nearby Galaxy devices.

Galaxy foundation features

Samsung promises Galaxy A52 and A72 users peace of mind with the following features:

  • Two-day battery: With A52’s 4,500mAh and A72’s 5,000mAh battery capacity, users can expect long battery life, subject to usage.
  • Premium essentials include stereo speakers and external memory of up to 1TB. Users can enhance the stereo speakers experience with Dolby Atmos.

Samsung Galaxy A52 price in South Africa

According to the company’s website, the Samsung A52 price in South Africa is 6,999 on prepaid and R641 per month on contract.

Samsung Galaxy A72 price in South Africa

The website also lists Samsung Galaxy A72 price in South Africa as R9,999 on prepaid and R915 per month on contract.

Availability and trade-in details

“The new Galaxy A Series will be available in Awesome Black and Awesome Violet for the Galaxy A72 and in Awesome Black and Awesome Blue or the Galaxy A52,” Samsung South Africa says.

Trade-in details are as follows:

  • You can get R1,720 when you trade-in your Galaxy A31 smartphone or R1,450 when you trade-in your Galaxy A30s smartphone.
  • You can get up to R1,800 when you trade-in your Galaxy A50 and up to R2,500 when you trade-in your Galaxy A51 device.
  • You can get up to R2,600 when you trade-in your Galaxy A70 and up to R3,400 when you trade in your Galaxy A71.

Buyers can protect also their devices against accidental damage with Samsung Care + for a once-off of R99 for 12 months of protection.

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