Kicks Sportswear founder Sammy Mhaule wants to inspire more youth-owned SMMEs

Sammy Mhaule Kicks Sportswear
Sammy Mhaule showcases his brand. Image credit: Facebook/Sammy Mhaule

Kicks Sportswear, South Africa’s newest apparel and footwear brand, is on a mission to introduce a South African sports brand from Africa to the world.

Its founder and CEO, a young and ambitious Sammy Mhaule, believes that youth-owned small, medium and micro-enterprises (SMMEs) have a role to play in tackling unemployment, which is especially prevalent among young people.

What inspires Sammy Mhaule’s Kicks Sportswear

Kicks Sportswear is “inspired by today’s rapid urbanisation and the growing movement to seek a healthy lifestyle,” the company’s statement issued on Monday states.

“Combining the best of style and function, Kicks Sportswear is designed for a generation seeking experiences outside by allowing them to move more seamlessly from office wear to gym wear, striking the perfect balance between comfort and style,” it adds.

The brand prides itself in producing great quality sportswear for runners, sneaker-heads or fashion enthusiasts, promising that “a pair of Kicks® [is] a must have for anyone looking to flex on the track or outside a fashion show.”

For Mhaule, it’s all about responding to shifts in the market. “We see a movement taking place as more young people are looking to nature and the gym to find balance and recharge from their busy lives,” he explains.

“To answer that call, we’ve created apparel and footwear that speaks to their sense of urban style while delivering performance for the gym.”

Bigger picture

It’s not all about the nuts and bolts of marketing and balance sheets, however. There is a bigger picture that takes into account social and economic transformation as well.

“The most vulnerable people in the labour market right now are young people. And while it is often easier to shift all responsibility towards the government, small businesses are capable of influencing the job market in South Africa,” the company states.

Mhaule concludes, “We continue to turn the legacy of Kicks Sportswear into a material force that transforms the destinies of the poor, the unemployed, youth, women, people with disabilities as well as the geographically and socially marginalised.”

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