Cape Town singer Louis van Lill drops debut single ‘Jamaica’

Louis van Lill Jamaica
Image credit: Ian Bredenkamp Media

Capetonian singer/songwriter Louis van Lill has released his debut single titled Jamaica, a catchy radio hit produced at Van Coke Studios in Cape Town.

This upbeat, sunny love song, which is already on radio airwaves and streaming platforms, promises to captivate a South African audience hungry for quality music.

Louis van Lill’s ‘Jamaica’ inspiration

Explaining the inspiration behind his song, Louis said, “I wanted to write something for everybody – a lekker tune about love, life, and the silly good times. Pickup lines came up and one that stuck to my head was, ‘Are you from Jamaica? Cause you maica me crazy.’

“My nephew told this one at a braai and it stuck. Time passed, I never forgot the idea, and I wound up writing this song for my wife cause she maica me crazy. Always trying to make her laugh!

“This is also my first single that the brilliant Richard Onraet (Francois van Coke’s Die Gevaar) produced for me and that I wrote. Richard is a great guy, really professional and for sure knows what he is doing.”

First official radio release

Although Louis has been a singer-songwriter for many years, Jamaica is first official radio release. “My dad taught me to play guitar when I was a kid,” he muses.

“He showed me the basics and the bug bit. The song that set me on my musical path was House of the Rising Sun by The Animals.”

Louis lives in the picturesque Velddrif on the West Coast. He works in the online + IT space and is married with two children. Regarding the future, the talented crooner says he hopes to make more music with van Coke.

He says, “If I can choose to work with an artiste and make music one day I’d say Francois van Coke. I’ve always been a fan. I’ve got plenty more singles in the pipeline. I’ve always wanted to make music and perform as an artiste. I just love doing it. It feels like home”

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