MultiChoice announces DStv price increases for 2021

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MultiChoice has announced DStv price increases for 2021 which will kick in as from 1 April 2021.

In a statement on Thursday, MultiChoice COO Simon Camerer said the company has kept the increases to a minimum and below inflation, as has been the practice over the past several years.

2.4% increase

He explained, “On a weighted average basis, we are looking at about a 2.4 percent increase across the base. We still have to pay most of our content costs in dollars and we have to try and manage the exchange rate as best we can.

“In light of a torrid year, to have kept it on average well below CPI [consumer price index) for the coming year is an achievement.”

With regard to DStv Premium pricing, MultiChoice considered business input costs and the content it needs to source to satisfy customers’ expectations.

“We have worked hard to provide a lot of incremental value to our Premium customers. We’ve worked hard to add lots more value and managed to keep prices well below CPI,” Camerer said.

DStv price increases for 2021

The table below summarises the 2021 DStv price increases:

Package2020 price2021 price
DStv PremiumR819R829
DStv Compact PlusR529R539
DStv CompactR399R409
DStv FamilyR279R295
DStv AccessR110R115

The access fee will also increase from R100 to R105, while renting a Box Office movie will now cost R40, up from R35 in 2020.

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