Check out what these Mzansi celebs are up to this Valentine’s Day

L-R: Kriya Gangiah, Daniel Baron, Carol Ofori, DJ Sabby and Zanele Potelwa. Image credit: The Platinum Club

Right, Valentine’s Day is here once again (this Sunday, 14 February) and as expected, many in South Africa are finalising their plans to make the day special for their loved ones.

As hearts and minds churn out ideas of how best to celebrate love, Mzansi’s favourite celebrities aren’t left behind. We caught up with some of them and asked them what they’ll be getting up to this Valentine’s Day. 

Zanele Potelwa (TV and radio personality)

“This Valentine’s Day, I am making it a weekend affair as I celebrate myself. I’m starting my Valentine’s Day weekend on Netflix, like all the other single hopeless romantics, as we watch the third instalment of To All The Boys I’ve Ever Loved starring Lana Condor and Noah Centineo.

“On Saturday, I’ll be heading to Rosebank with my siblings to introduce my younger brother, who is new to Johannesburg, to try out the best cake in Jozi.

“To round up my Valentine’s weekend, I’ll be hanging out with South Africa on the airwaves as we celebrate the day of love with love song dedications and hopefully helping a few people make their loved ones feel special live on the radio!”

DJ Sabby (Radio DJ)

“Outside of your birthday, Valentine’s Day is a really feel-good day. There is soft spot in my heart for this holiday. Love trends and those you love are reminded of the love you have for them.

“The day has been sold for years as a day for lovers, but I think the love extends beyond that and everyone you love deserves a hug or a gift. The COVID-19 pandemic has limited the ideas I had in mind for my partner, but it’s a day that I do celebrate and I am excited to spoil her and remind her just how much I love her.

“Is it weird to say that I am also expecting something for Valentine’s Day? We, as men, barely get love on the calendar so on Valentine’s Day, my birthday, Father’s Day and Christmas, I always expect a gift!”

Carol Ofori (TV and radio personality)

“This is our first Valentine’s Day since we moved to KwaZulu-Natal which is really exciting for my husband and I. My husband knows that this day is really important to me so we celebrate it every year.

“What we usually do is spend the night at a luxurious hotel or visit a fancy restaurant but this year, we plan on celebrating with the kids. We are planning a romantic morning stroll and go for a family breakfast and we’re planning a family picnic for the afternoon as well.

“So, for the first time, the kids are involved in our Valentine’s Day and they must enjoy it because it’s the first and last time it’s happening! Haha!”

Daniel Baron (Musician)

“I’ve got a few special things planned for my fiancé this Valentine’s Day – starting with breakfast in bed. Then, I am planning a romantic visit to the Botanical gardens for a picnic with our son Cruz before dropping him off at his grandparents.

“Then, to end off the day, we’ll head to one of Johannesburg’s finest restaurants for a meal and some good wine. We haven’t been out to a restaurant for what seems like a decade so I think it’ll be special. I cannot wait to spoil my fiancé this Valentine’s Day.”

Kriya Gangiah (TV and radio personality)

“My boyfriend and I are normally so bad with Valentine’s Day! Either we forget it completely and rush to find a dinner reservation or we just stay in. However, I am very proud to say that this year, we have planned in advance. We’ve already made a dinner reservation and I am really excited about it! 

“Honestly, Valentine’s Day is usually just another day in the year and we are very happy chilling on the couch and eating pizza. We’ve learned that the key is to show appreciation throughout the year, not just on a ‘holiday.’”

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