IN QUOTES | Malema on postponing local govt elections, borderless Africa, extending SRD grant

Julius Malema. Image credit: Screenshot from YouTube/EFF

EFF leader Julius Malema held a press conference on Thursday – the party’s first in 2021 – and commented on a wide range of issues.

Here is a summary of what he said in quotes:

Extension of relief measures

“The EFF calls for the reinstatement of all social and economic relief measures to protect the livelihoods of small business and the poorest of the poor.

“This includes the extending of the COVID-19 grant beyond the current regime, which sees the last payments being made in January 2021.

“Government must ensure that they continue to provide relief to small businesses through the Unemployment Insurance Fund and TERS relief scheme, and any businesses owners who claim from government yet do not pay employees must face harsh consequences.”

Payment holidays, evictions

“Government must compel all banks to provide payment holidays on repayments of mortgages, rent repayments, loans and credit facilities for a period of six months, as our people are bound to struggle due to the measures put in place to protect lives.

“Furthermore, there must be a complete halt on all evictions, as it would be inhumane to subject people to homelessness in a time of national and global tragedy.”

Local government elections

“As things stand, COVID-19 has made all of our lives unpredictable, a situation which undermines each and every political party’s ability to engage with voters, due to fear of participating in the massive spread of the virus.

“We therefore call for all elections, by-elections and local government elections to be postponed up until 2024, as elections can be regarded as a super-spreader event.”

Schools reopening, Parliament closure

“We further call for the postponement of the reopening of all schools in light of the spike in new COVID-19 infections and uncontrollable rate of COVID-19 related deaths.

“Furthermore, we call for the closure of Parliament, legislatures and councils, and for all legislative activity to be conducted online.”

COVID-19 vaccines

“We condemn all unscientific and nonsensical conspiracy theories that seek to suggest vaccines are part of an agenda for population control.

“We urge the Department of Health to work hand in hand with the CSI, the SAHPRA and all relevant experts in virology and epidemiology to ensure the speedy rollout of the vaccine for frontline workers in particular.

“In the immediate, the EFF calls for a patent waiver on all vaccines to be implemented in order to ensure internal mass production of vaccines in order to suit specific African needs.”

African borders

“The EFF condemns the closing of 20 local ports of entry by South Africa as a self-hate [sic] and deepening of the divide amongst Africans.

“The closing of borders within SADC has nothing to do with coronavirus, but reveals a self-hate and desire to appear tough to European nations who have closed their ports of entry to us, yet they can come as they please into our country.

“One borderless continent will help defeat crime in our continent.”

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