Here’s how to check SASSA balance on your phone

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If you are a beneficiary of social grants, chances are that you may want to know how to check SASSA balance without having to go to the Post Office, bank or an ATM.

The good news is that SASSA (SA Social Security Agency) has made it possible to do it using your phone right from the comfort of your home.

How to check SASSA balance

To check you SASSA balance, simply dial *120*3210# and press send. Next, enter your ID number and your account balance will appear.

According to the Agency, beneficiaries get one free balance inquiry per month. Thereafter, a cost of 60c will apply for each inquiry.

Balance inquiries via phone eliminate the need to leave your residence before funds reflect in your account, thereby saving you time and money.

It also helps you avoid long queues at ATMs or the Post Office, something that is even more beneficial and safe during the ongoing pandemic.

Checking your balance can also help you discover discrepancies, which you should report to your bank or the Post Office immediately.

In case you suspect fraud, you may report it by contacting SASSA’s grants and fraud hotline on 0800 601 011.


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