ANC NGC discussion document slams EFF’s ‘dictatorship of minority’ in Parliament

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The ANC has taken aim at the EFF for introducing a “dictatorship of the minority” in South Africa’s legislative arms of government.

The party commented on the EFF’s tactics in Parliament – without mentioning it by name – in its National General Council (NGC) discussion document titled “The Changing Balance of Forces around the South African Transformation Agenda.”

ANC Deputy Secretary-General Jessie Duarte and National Executive Committee (NEC) member Jeff Radebe launched the discussion documents on Friday.

‘Pseudo-political militancy’

The document said since 1994, the “decisive, democratic political dominance of the ANC” in the legislative arms of government have contributed to South Africa’s transformation.

However, it said these legislatures have “been assailed by pseudo-political militancy over the past five years, which has subverted the very meaning of democracy – the rule of the majority.”

The ANC added, “This has replaced a fundamental defining feature of the victory scored in 1994 with a dictatorship of the minority, through disruptions and even threats of violence.

“This calls upon the ANC urgently to ponder over the efficacy of the strategies it has deployed in dealing with a tendency that not only undermines the legitimacy of representative institutions, but also threatens to collapse processes of parliamentary discourse.”

The ANC said if this “disruptive streak” is not stopped, it would “pervade” other institutions and “destroy our revolutionary gains.”

‘Attack on constitutional values’

It explained, “It is a direct attack on the country’s constitutional values. Again, ironically, it has tilted the power balance in a way that emboldens South Africa’s conservative, right-wing political forces to assail the democratic dispensation.

“Part of the lumpen tendency, this pseudo-revolutionary militancy is used to shield some of the worst cases of corruption. In effect, it is a tendency with counter-revolutionary implications.”

The EFF has often used disruptive tactics in Parliament since it won seats in the 2014 general election, such as its “pay back the money” chants against former President Jacob Zuma during the Nkandla controversy.

More recently, it delayed President Cyril Ramaphosa’s State of the Nation address in February over apartheid’s last President FW de Klerk’s presence in Parliament’s chambers.

The NGC will be held between April and May 2021, Duarte said. It is the ANC’s mid-term review of its implementation of conference resolutions.

Click here to download the ANC NGC discussion documents in PDF from the ANC’s website. The comments on EFF are on paragraphs 44-47 on pages 7-8.

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