How to vote on Idols SA 2020 online, via MyDStv app and SMS

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South Africa’s premier talent search competition is heating up and naturally, fans are looking for how to vote on Idols SA 2020.

Idols SA Season 16 voting officially opened in September and viewers can cast up to 400 votes for their preferred contestant.

Voting opens every Sunday during the show (5pm) and closes on Tuesdays at 10pm – unless there is an extension.

How to vote on Idols SA 2020

There are four ways of voting on Idols SA in 2020: via the official website, mobile website, SMS and the MyDStv app.

If you wish to vote on Idols online, you may use the official website, mobile website or MyDStv app. These platforms require you to register first in case you haven’t. Voting via SMS does not need registration.

If you are using a laptop or desktop computer (website registration), you need to visit the Idols SA website here, click “Register” and fill your details.

For cellphone/tablet users, the process is the same – visit the official website here and click “Register” before inputting your details.

DStv subscribers can register on the MyDStv app, which they can download from the App Store or Play Store. You will then use your mobile number or email and your DStv Connect password to login. Next, click on “Register” and follow the prompts.

Voting via website

To vote via the website on your laptop or desktop computer, follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website:
  • Click on “Login” and enter your cellphone number in the international format, for instance, +27731234567.
  • Enter your password and sign in.
  • Choose your preferred contestant.
  • Enter the number of votes you wish to cast and click VOTE.
  • Voting via the website is capped at 100 votes per user.

Voting via mobile website

In case you wish to vote on Idols SA Season 16 via the mobile website, start by visiting the website on your cellphone/tablet.

Follow the same steps as outlined under website voting above. Voting via mobile website is similarly capped at 100 votes per user.

How to vote on Idols using MyDStv app

This is how to vote on Idols using MyDStv app (note – this does not apply to DStv Now app):

  • Log into the app using your cellphone number or email address and your DStv Connect Password.
  • Click on “Vote” to load the Idols SA voting page on your browser and login/register.
  • Enter your cellphone number and password to sign in.
  • Select your preferred contestant, enter the number of votes you wish to cast and click “Vote.”
  • Note: You must be an active or inactive DStv subscriber to receive your 100, free DStv app votes.

You can download the MyDStv app from Android’s Google Play here and from iOS App Store here.

Voting on Idols via SMS

To vote for your preferred contestant via SMS, simply SMS their number to 37400. Free SMSs do not apply and each SMS will cost you R1.50. Fans can make a maximum of 100 votes.

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