Black Friday 2020 will be ‘biggest in South Africa so far’

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Experts believe that Black Friday 2020 will be the biggest seen in South Africa so far, MyBroadband reports.

This is because retailers are likely to run online deals and campaigns for a longer period than in previous years.

When is Black Friday 2020 in South Africa?

Black Friday 2020 in South Africa will be on 27 November, 2020. South Africans can however expect to find deals throughout November, not just in this date.

Game and Makro Black Friday

Last week, retail giant Massmart announced that Game and Makro will run Black Friday specials throughout November.

Massmart Corporate Affairs Executive Brian Leroni said the company took this decision to reduce congestion of shoppers at retail stores. This is in keeping with current social distancing protocols.

He added, “Game and Makro have taken the decision to provide our customers with more opportunity and time to benefit from the Black Friday prices by rather releasing new Black Friday deals each week during the month of November.

“These unbeatable specials will only run for the week in which they are announced, and will not be offered again – so we encourage shoppers to take advantage of the deals each week, rather than waiting until the end of November as they normally would.”

Leroni urged customers to subscribe to Game and Makro’s newsletters from their respective websites to view “sneak previews.”

Game newsletter subscription is available here. To view Makro’s Black Friday deals webpage, click here. The two retailers should load deals catalogues on their websites from the beginning of November.

Biggest yet

All this means that this year’s Black Friday is likely to be the biggest yet because sales will be spread across the month or the week before and after 27 November, 2020.

“This will result in less pressure on the actual weekend of Black Friday, which we think will be beneficial to online stores, as well as improve the customer’s experience,” uAfrica business manager Anita Erasmus told MyBroadband.

Already, Google search trends shows a spike in “Black Friday” searches in South Africa over the past 30 days as shoppers look out for early deals.

Interest in the annual shopping bonanza will certainly get higher as the actual date gets closer and closer.

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