Ex-Popstars winner Oscar T releases first solo album ‘Disconnected’

Oscar T. Image credit: Supplied.

Ex-Popstars winner Oscar T has officially dropped his first solo studio album titled Disconnected across all major digital platforms.

Oscar T (T stands for his surname Toorn) released the 14-track album earlier this week. The album’s lead single is One More Reason (Sunday Morning).

‘Labour of love’

The 32-year-old Johannesburg-born singer, who shuttles between South Africa and China, describes the album as a “pure labour of love” and a “dream come true.”

Disconnected is a reflection about my own life, but also about similar issues that people may have gone through in life,” he says.

“I wrote this album in a very dark and empty time in my life, going through a very difficult divorce – that almost left me on the edge of ending life itself.”

One More Reason (Sunday Morning) is all about trying to restore a broken relationship and giving it one more reason to work, he adds.

”I picked up my pen and wrote down every single experience and emotion I was going through – from breaking into a million pieces to being completely restored back together.

“This album will make you cry, make you laugh out loud and make you love deeper than you ever have before,” the talented artiste explains.

‘Exciting journey’

Disconnected took three years to complete and features various musicians from Germany, Mauritius, the Philippines, US, Canada and Ukraine.

“It’s been an exciting journey so far with this album’s release and I want South Africans to be inspired to make their musical mark globally and reach a larger audience as we are a talented nation,” Oscar muses.

Oscar was part of the Popstars winning group Nne-Vida in 2010. The group however disbanded in 2011 after dropping their album Ready to Fly.

He subsequently co-wrote and produced the single Dance Some More for kwaito superstar Mandoza. The song proved hugely popular in Mzansi and beyond.

Recently, Oscar launched two online music shows – “Acapella Sundays” and “Golden Tribute.” The shows give fans a chance to enjoy his soulful sounds.

Here is the link to the full album: https://album.link/i/1517575618. View the album’s playlist on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_mHcGzT34mgfZpjHEyDQddwHnNPYUWqVH4

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