IN QUOTES | Ramaphosa’s post-NEC show of strength, comments on Zuma’s letter

Cyril Ramaphosa. Image credit: Facebook/MyANC

President Cyril Ramaphosa on Monday led the African National Congress’ (ANC) top 6 officials in presenting the outcomes of the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) held over the weekend.

It was a departure from the usual practice of Secretary-General Ace Magashule presenting the outcomes. Ramaphosa seemingly emerged from the meeting in a much stronger position after his letter to party members on fighting corruption was endorsed. Here are some key quotes by Ramaphosa from the virtual press briefing:

Economic recovery

“The ANC has released its economic recovery programme, which combines efforts towards reconstruction with accelerated transformation, economic inclusion, particularly for black people, the youth and women, as well as a faster rate of growth. The NEC will shortly convene a special lekgotla on the economic reconstruction and recovery programme.”

Fight against corruption

“The NEC reaffirmed the position take at its meeting of 31 July to 2 August, 2020 that the ANC needs to draw a clear line in the sand between the organisation and those who steal from the people.

“The NEC endorsed the contents of President Ramaphosa’s letter to ANC members of 23 August, 2020 as a clear articulation of the policies and positions of the organisation, and agreed to the implementation of the points of action contained therein.

“The NEC emphasised that what seems to be a choreographed campaign against the President will not distract the movement from undertaking an intensified programme against corruption and state capture, as mandated by the 54th National Conference.

“Cadres of the ANC who are formally charged for corruption or other serious crimes must immediately step aside from all leadership positions in the ANC, legislatures or other government structures pending the finalisation of their cases.

“Guidelines on the ANC’s approach to internal leadership contests in elective meetings and conferences of the organisation will be developed, especially rules for lobbying and campaigning.

“The ANC will put in place a system for leaders to make regular declarations of financial interests to the organisation. Drawing on existing practices in Parliament and government, the system will need to ensure a proper balance between privacy and accountability.

“Guidelines will be developed on ANC leaders and their facilities doing business with government and public entities. The guidelines will give due regard to the right of every person to engage in legitimate business activity while removing the potential for any ANC leader or member of their family to derive undue benefit from political access.”

Letter from former President Jacob Zuma

“I have not responded [to the letter]. I receive many letters as President of the ANC and this letter happens to be one of those. So, I have not responded to the letter and I don’t even know what the reasoning for the letter [was], and will not even publicly entertain issues that are raised in the letter because I think it is important [that] as leaders where we are, if we are to engage in discussions, we do it within the confines of our movement.”

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