Corruption: ANC govt should be dissolved, replaced by caretaker govt – Holomisa

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United Democratic Movement (UDM) leader Bantu Holomisa has proposed the dissolution of the executive arm of government as “the answer to corruption” in South Africa.

In a statement on Wednesday, Holomisa said a caretaker government, comprising civil society and judiciary representatives, should replace the African National Congress (ANC) government until the 2024 elections.

South Africa has been rocked by allegations of corruption surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, especially the procurement of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Holomisa said this is the latest in a long list of corruption scandals linked to the ANC since 1994. He cited the arms deal, “Oilgate,” “Travelgate,” Chancellor House/Hitachi deal and state capture scandals, among others.

ANC ‘entire leadership tainted’

He said, “After a quarter of a century’s worth of corruption, the truth of the matter is that the governing party is incapable of rooting out corruption, not only because of a lack of political will, but mainly because its entire leadership is tainted and it is impossible for the accused to preside over investigation, trial and punishment.

“How can the people of this country believe Ace Magashule when he says the party is ‘outraged and deeply embarrassed’ by acts of corruption allegedly committed by some of its members in COVID-19 procurement across the country?”

Holomisa was referring to the ANC National Executive Committee’s (NEC) statement issued by Secretary-General Ace Magashule on Tuesday after its meeting over the weekend.

“We acknowledge the justifiable public outrage caused by the depravity and heartlessness displayed by some elements in government, our organisation and the private sector,” the NEC said.

The party also took several decisions, including a review of how family members of ANC leaders do business with the government and the establishment of “a permanent multi-disciplinary agency to deal with all cases of white-collar crime, organised crime and corruption.”

Caretaker government

However, Holomisa said it is time for South Africans to “consider and debate something a little more drastic.”

He wrote, “Should they not demand that the executive arm of government be dissolved and be replaced by a caretaker government until the 2024 national and provincial elections?

“Such a structure should be comprised of representatives from the civil society and judiciary, with no political contingent. Parliament must be kept in place to play its crucial role.

“Part of its mandate should be to develop legislation to specifically, and definitively, deal with corruption and the recovery of taxpayers’ monies, as well as drafting a white paper on what kind of local government system this country requires, as our current system is failing the people.”

The caretaker government should also be tasked with reviving the economy, reviewing Chapter 9 institutions and “addressing our collapsing infrastructure and waste management,” Holomisa added.

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  1. I love that idea however while Bantu Holomisa still retains Bobani as his representative in the Eastern Cape. Then is is simply the kettle calling the pot black.

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