SASSA R350 SRD grant: Sending your banking details

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The SA Social Security Agency (SASSA) is currently approving and paying the R350 social relief of distress (SRD) grant to millions of applicants across South Africa.

In an update on 30 June, SASSA said it had paid around 2.5 million applicants so far out of the 3.2 million people who had applied.

Naturally, applicants are anxious to get more information on the status banking details. banking details submission

If you’re looking for information on how to submit banking details to SASSA, the agency’s 30 June update provides the answer.

According to the update, successful applicants will receive an SMS from SASSA requesting for their banking details. This SMS will therefore have the SASSA banking details link.

“It is important to respond to the SMS as quickly as possible and to follow the link provided. Approved applicants are reminded that the link cannot be shared with others, as it is linked to a specific ID number for security reasons” SASSA said.

Therefore, in order to provide bank details to SASSA or perform an srd banking details submission, an applicant must first of all wait for the SMS.

The link in the SMS would then provide more information on how to upload banking details on SASSA. Presumably, it will have the banking details form.

UPDATE: How to change SASSA SRD banking details

Between 3 August and 9 August, 2020, approved applicants can change their payment method or banking details at After clicking on this link, scroll to the bottom of the SRD page until you see “How do I change my banking details” heading.

Add your ID number. You will then receive an SMS containing a secure link, unique to you, on the mobile phone number with which you registered during application.

How to apply for SASSA relief grant

Applications may be lodged electronically over and above any other available means. Applicants may apply using the following means:

  • Sending a WhatsApp message to 082 046 8553;
  • Using the following SSD or SMS line: *134*7737#
  • Sending an email to

Applicants will receive notifications of payment in the same medium they used to apply. For instance, an applicant using WhatsApp will receive the notification on the same WhatsApp number he/she used to apply for the grant. The following additional measures will apply:

  • Payments will be made mainly through bank accounts of the applicants and through cash send measures through banks; 
  • The grant will be paid from the date of approval up to the end of October 2020, provided the qualifying criteria continue to be met; 
  • If applicants apply in June their payments will be from June and there will be no backpay.
  • Applicants grant consent to SASSA to verify their residency, ID/permit details, sources of income and/or social security benefits. False applications could result in prosecutions.


  1. I get a massage on 02 July that said my application is approval.Provide bank info,my SA ID….But if submit my bank details it said faild.So what can I do?

  2. I got a sms to send bank details but my account is not active.plz can I receive a my R350 from post office

      • My application has been approved and I have been paid R350. But now i didn’t get it, the reason says, i have received farmer relief. Yes i did receive it for the group of farmers it was not mine only, I was represented the group of farmers Association and it was for the medicine of sheep. I didn’t get a cent.

  3. I received SMS on 02 July said my application is approved , but when I send bank details it’s failed, what’s happened about my R350

      • I have applied from may,June and 26july I have
        got massage that my application is approved ,on31july I have got another massage from sassa said I must provide my bank details I send them on02August but no money in my bank

  4. I have been approved since 29May but hasn’t received any payment yet. I have requested an EFT.
    ID 0002025283082

  5. My application was approved since 23 May I provided my banking details and my account is active but no payment received.

  6. hi my name is Ndabuko Mlungisi Ngobeni I applied for 350 grant and I Receaved a text massage that says my ID dont match my phone number is 0847468127 I am currently dont have a smart phone my ID is 810327 5553 083 my address is 2339 Mina Nawe phase 3 Daveyton 1520 those are my correct ID Details

  7. When i check my status is approved but i didn’t receive any sms from sassa to upload banking details

  8. My application was approved since June for May and June but I am still waiting for the sms asking for my banking details

  9. Me I checked my srd status it says it is approved on June but I didn’t received an SMS and my brother got SMS stating to send the banking info but when we go through the link there is nothing to show link where I should submit the banking details

  10. I have received the message with the link, but it is not taking me to how to enter the banking details. lnstead it keeps on saying wait until the webside is not loaded that is i the early morning. have also tried in the early morning but can’t get through. please help before its too late.

  11. My partner wants to give bank details,we did all the process got an SMS with the link now the problem the simcard which doesn’t fit on the on the other phones…can’t you guyz atleast upgrade the measures used for those who don’t have smart phones?

  12. My partner applied for the srd grant in June and he got an sms that say he must provide banking details but when he does it say failed

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