Hanekom on Duduzane’s ‘assistance’ to UKZN students: Where’s the money coming from?

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Former minister Derek Hanekom has reacted to a report that Duduzane Zuma, the son of former President Jacob Zuma, has offered financial assistance to University of KwaZulu-Natal students.

IOL reported on Monday that the young Zuma had offered the students an undisclosed amount of money in a video sent to them.

In the video, he is heard urging the students to stop burning university property because “we’re smarter than that.”

‘Ordinarily to be welcomed, but…’

He added, “I understand your frustrations, I understand your anger. Let’s channel our frustrations, let’s hone in on our anger and let’s make a difference. We will sit down, I will come to you and we will do what needs to be done.”

In his response via Twitter, Hanekom said, “Ordinarily to be welcomed. The question in this case is where that undisclosed amount of money comes from.”

Hanekom is known as a fierce critic of “state capture” which allegedly involved the infamous Gupta brothers. It is alleged that they used their proximity to former President Zuma to advance their business interests.

The Guptas held directorships and shares with Duduzane Zuma in several companies that allegedly benefitted from state-owned companies (SOEs).

‘I’m not corrupt’

The young Zuma appeared before the commission of inquiry into state capture chaired by Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo in October last year.

During his testimony, he said, “I’m looked at as a criminal, I’m looked at as the face of corruption, this guy that’s plundered billions out of his country which is not the case.

“I’d just like to say to the public out there: I’m not corrupt. I’m not taking any money from anyone. I never have and never will.”

Hanekom and ex-President Zuma, who are both long-serving members of the African National Congress National Executive Committee (ANC NEC), are critics of each other.

Hanekom reportedly tabled a motion of no confidence in Zuma at an ANC NEC meeting in 2017, but it did not succeed.

He successfully sued Zuma for defamation last year after the latter called him an “enemy agent.”

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