Salary increases recommended for Ramaphosa, Mabuza, ministers and others

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If the Independent Commission for the Remuneration of Public Office Bearers has its way, top government officials will soon enjoy salary increases.

The Commission has gazetted recommendations for public office bearers earning more than R1.5 million per annum to receive a 3% salary increase.

It also recommended a 4% increase for those earning less than R1.5 million per annum. It said both increases are below inflation given South Africa’s difficult economic situation.

What President, Deputy President, Ministers and others would earn

If the recommendations are adopted, the President would earn R3,079,540, subject to Parliamentary approval because he cannot set his own salary. This would be up from R2,989,845.

The Deputy President’s salary would also increase from R2,845,470 to R2,910,234. Ministers would take home R2,473,682, up from R2,401,633.

Deputy Ministers would also see an increase from R1,977,795 to R2,037,129. Others affected would be Parliament’s presiding officers, chief whips and opposition leaders.

Chief Justice, Deputy Chief Justice, judges and magistrates, Auditor-General, Public Protector, as well as provincial and municipal office bearers, among others, would also get increases.

Recommendations not always adopted

The Commission is mandated to make annual recommendations in consultation with ministers of Finance and Justice as well as the Chief Justice, the Lower Courts Remuneration Committee, and the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs.

However, its recommendations are not always adopted. Last year, President Cyril Ramaphosa did not adopt its recommended 5.3% increase for members of the national and provincial executives as well as Parliament.

While delivering the Medium Term Budget Policy Statement in October last year, Finance Minister Tito Mboweni also announced a salary freeze for ministers, deputy ministers, premiers and MECs.

The Commission however criticised Mboweni in its gazette notice for not consulting it.

It said, “The Commission finds it regrettable that the Minister made such a pronouncement without engaging it.

“In terms of the applicable legislation, it is the Commission’s exclusive mandate to make recommendations on the salaries, allowances and benefits of public office bearers.”

To read the Commission’s gazette notice in full, click here.

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