Sho Madjozi starts scholarship to get more women into ‘technical side of music’

Image credit: Twitter/Sho Madjozi

Popular rapper Sho Madjozi has started a scholarship to get more women into the male-dominated “technical side of music.”

Madjozi made the announcement on Twitter on Thursday, saying the scholarship is for female producers and will be based at the Bridges Academy in Langa, Cape Town.

“The technical side of music is so male-dominated and I’d like to see more women in that space,” she wrote.

Interest in engineering and studio work

The scholarship’s online application form says applicants should have an interest in sound engineering and studio work.

It adds, “If you want to grow as a creative entrepreneur, as an artist and more importantly on a personal level you are in the right place.

“This programme has been designed by top educators and industry leaders and is focused around three pillars, Sound/Music, Entrepreneurship and Mindfulness.”

Applicants should also be prepared to attend the programme on a full-time basis for about five months, according to the form, which can be accessed here.

Sho Madjozi’s talent search

This isn’t the first time Madjozi is creating opportunities for new talents to emerge. Last year, the John Cena hitmaker started a YouTube reality show called Sho Madjozi Champions League.

It featured young dancers showcasing their xibelani dance moves before a panel of judges, including Madjozi herself.

The BET award-winning rapper started the show to find two female dancers to perform with her over the festive season.

Her fans welcomed her latest scholarship initiative, with one of them, Xolile Sangweni, tweeting, “You truly aspire to the next generation.”

Meanwhile Sho Madjozi’s own star keeps shining brighter and brighter. Last weekend, she performed John Cena before a huge international audience at the Super Bowl in Miami, United States.

She later said, “The entire world is looking at us for what is happening next, culturally, musically etc. It’s so clear that Africa is leading the way trend-wise.

“The best part is that we are just our authentic selves, being proud of our heritage and telling our stories.”

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