ANC NYTT denounces Zuma arrest warrant: ‘What about de Klerk?’

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The African National Congress National Youth Task Team (ANC NYTT) has expressed its “disgust” at the warrant of arrest issued for former President Jacob Zuma.

The Pietermaritzburg high court issued the warrant on Tuesday following Zuma’s failure to appear for his arms deal-related corruption trial.

Although Zuma’s legal team produced a medical certificate to prove that he was too ill to attend, the court questioned its veracity. However, it stayed the warrant until 6 May when the trial resumes.

De Klerk ‘paraded like some hero’

In a statement on Wednesday, the NYTT said the warrant is part of “the continuous vilification that former president continues to be subjected to in this country.”

It then questioned why apartheid’s last president, FW de Klerk, continues to “roam free” and “paraded like some hero who took us to the promised land” even though he “led the crime against humanity [sic].”

“Red carpet and courteous treatment is afforded to de Klerk. Today we see former President Zuma, hunted down like a serial killer which he is not, his sickness has been turned into a joke,” the NYTT said.

The NYTT, which is led by ANC National Executive Committee (NEC) members Tandi Mahambehlala and Sibongile Besani, also suggested that the warrant was not a “genuine act of law.”

‘Judges in the pocket of WMC’

It said, “We have seen a long list of South African judges from the highest to the lowest courts of this country, accused of being in the pockets of the white monopoly capital.

“No investigation was carried out as it relates to these accusations. Yet we are made to believe that issuing this warrant of arrest was a genuine act of law.”

The NYTT slammed unnamed leaders, whom it called “imbeciles and lumpens,” for “masquerading as voice of reason and fighters of corruption.”

It said those leaders should focus on reviving the economy, fixing state-owned enterprises and ending load shedding instead of “destroying what is left of Zuma’s dignity.”

It concluded, “The truth is that even those who believe that they are the sweethearts of the white establishment today, they must know that they are only needed to deal with their fellow comrades today and when all our comrades are dealt with, the same white establishment will come for you. No one is safe. Not even the millionaire club of friends. Not even the poorest of the poor.”

Some analysts have questioned why the NYTT, which has been tasked with reviving the ANC Youth League and consists of several ANC NEC members, has commented freely on political issues.

However, at its most recent meeting in late January, ANC Secretary General Ace Magashule told it that it “can speak on any issue affecting the country, the ANC and society at large.”

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