The provinces and sectors you’re most likely to get a job in Q1 2020

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Western Cape, Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal – these are the provinces where you’re most likely get a job in the first quarter of 2020 (January-March).

This is according to the latest ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey released this week.

The Survey interviewed a representative sample of 753 employers across South Africa. The key question was, “How do you anticipate total employment at your location to change in the three months to the end of March 2020 as compared to the current quarter?”

4% gains expected in Western Cape

Employers in the Western Cape reported a net employment outlook of +4%, meaning they forecast payroll gains of 4% in Q1 2020 compared to the previous quarter.

Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal followed at +3% and +2% respectively. However, Eastern Cape and Free State have net employment outlooks of -5% and -1% respectively.

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In overall terms, South Africa’s net employment outlook in Q1 2020 is just +2%. This is because 10% of employers are forecasting an increase in payrolls, 8% a decrease, and 81% expecting no change.

This is the weakest net employment outlook in five years. The Survey adds, “Hiring plans remain relatively stable when compared with the previous quarter, but decline by 3 percentage points in comparison with the same period last year.”

Sectors you’re most likely to get a job in

According to the Survey, hiring pace is forecast to be the strongest in the Finance, Insurance, Real Estate & Business Services sector at +4%.

Employers in the Wholesale & Retail Trade sector reported a net employment outlook of +7%, while those in the Agriculture, Hunting, Forestry & Fishing sector reported +5%.

Job seekers in the Restaurants & Hotels sector should remain optimistic because the outlook is +4%.

Manufacturing (+3%) and Public & Social (+1%) sectors show some promise, while Mining & Quarrying sector employers reported no change in outlook.

However, employment in the Construction sector continues to weaken with an outlook of -9%. The Transport, Storage & Communications (-6%) and Electricity, Gas & Water Supply (-2%) also remain weak.

The ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey has been running for over 55 years, according to its website.

It is conducted quarterly “to measure employers’ intentions to increase or decrease the number of employees in their workforces during the next quarter.”

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