2019 was undisputedly the year of EFF – Malema in end-year message

Image credit: Twitter/Economic Freedom Fighters

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema has said 2019 was undisputedly the year of the EFF.

Malema talked up his party’s successes this year in an end-year message to South Africans posted on YouTube on Tuesday.

He said, “Remember, this movement of our people, the last hope of the poor masses of our people in South Africa and Africa in general, was supposed to die and be buried in the dustbin of history in 2019.”

‘2020 the year of women and girl child’

The EFF leader added, “But we emerged victorious precisely because of your support and eternal encouragement.

“We therefore thank you because 2019 indeed, it remains undisputed, that it was the year of the EFF.”

Malema spoke against gender-based violence and called for solutions against the crisis in 2020.

“This solution must come from men. It is a problem that is created by men and it is a problem that can be resolved by men. Men should find a practical and long-lasting solution against women and child abuse in 2020. Let 2020 be the year of the woman and the girl child,” he said.

‘Stand against privatisation’

Malema added that 2020 should also be the year of the “unity of the oppressed.”

He said, “In solidarity, we should stand against privatisation, against unemployment, against landlessness.

“We must ensure that we fight against the capture of our state by white monopoly capital. South Africa’s only hope lies in the unity of the Left and the oppressed masses of our people.”

Malema also cautioned South Africans to be careful on the roads during this festive season and to be responsible with their finances.

He further expressed solidarity with the people of the Western Sahara, Venezuela and Cuba, amongst others.

“We are with you, the oppressed masses of the world, particularly you, the people of Cuba. We are with you against the imperialist forces who have imposed economic embargo on you to try to undermine the socialist revolution in Cuba,” he said.

To watch the full video on YouTube, click here.

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